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Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Posted on Aug 20 by

Healthy Chicken Parmesan   Chicken Parmesan is one of those meals that is always delicious to eat, but with all the fat and carbs, it can quickly turn into eaters-remorse. Chicken Parmesan is probably one of the unhealthier dinner options we feed ourselves. It is a piece of breaded chicken covered in a sugar-filled red sauce, heaps of parmesan cheese, and is usually placed on top of a bed of carb-heavy noodles. But it tastes so good!   How do you get your fill of a Chicken Parmesan dinner without all of the unhealthy ingredients? Easy! Introducing your next favorite meal: Healthy Chicken Parmesan. This wonderful recipe replaces white bread crumbs with whole wheat, uses a less sugary sauce, and adds zucchini noodles. Instead of having a carb heavy, fattening, and hidden sugar-type meal, take out those sneaky ingredients and replace them with what is best for your body. Ready to get dinner started? Here is a tasty and healthy chicken parmesan recipe that will be all the rage at home.   Ingredients (Made to serve 4)   Chicken...


Do I Need Child Pads for My AED?

Posted on Aug 14 by

Do I Need Child Pads for My AED?   Congratulations! You have decided to purchase an AED and are taking the first step towards preparedness. Now that you have the AED and the adult pads included in the package, do you need child pads for your AED? AED infant/child pads are used in emergencies on children 8 years or younger, or those below 55lbs. While we hope that a child will never need the service of an AED, emergencies can occur and it is important to have the right pads. Children requiring the use of a defibrillator need specifically designed child pads to inform the AED to make necessary changes. A child does not receive the same approach as an adult, and instead, changes are made to the shock power, placement, and further instructions – inserting infant/child pad (or an infant/child key) will do this automatically.   Difference Between Child and Adult Pads Only in extreme cases where an AED is not equipped with child pads should the adult pads be an option. Although an adult pad can be...


When to Use an AED in an Emergency

Posted on Aug 7 by

When to Use an AED in an Emergency   When an emergency occurs and a person requires CPR, using an AED can multiply the individual’s chance of survival exponentially. But when you come across an emergency, do you know when to use an AED? Is an AED always necessary? Imagine it is an average day, and as you go about your daily routine you come across an emergency situation. Being the certified first-aider that you are, you know the steps to respond to an emergency that may lead to beginning compressions for CPR. But when in that response time do you get the AED? Check out these scenarios to see when to use an AED in an emergency.   Situation #1 – Person Collapses Scenario You are heading to work early to get some extra hours in when someone walking ahead falls to the ground. From afar you notice that the person is completely unconscious. Unfortunately, you are the only other individual on the street at this time in the morning and no one is nearby to assist you....


AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator vs. Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus

Posted on Aug 1 by

  AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator vs. Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus   Whether you need an AED for the office, school, home, or gym, you want to know that the AED works 100%. That is why it is so important to look into the features and inclusions of each AED to make sure you select the best. One of the more common AEDs is the Philips Onsite defibrillator – an AED supplied and supported by First Edition First Aid Inc. Another commonly known AED is Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus. Whereas most AEDs have many similarities, these two AEDs are more different than alike, in battery, layout and design, and shock administration. Here we will compare Philips vs. Physio-Control to help you better decide what AED is the best option.   Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Price and Accessories The Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus is an AED that looks very similar to other models. What makes it different is the layout and design below the cover as well as the fully automated approach. This AED is made for...


First Aid for Heat Stroke

Posted on Jul 24 by

  First Aid for Heat Stroke   With the summer months comes running through the sprinkler, backyard barbeques, and a whole lot of sun! Living in Canada, it can be exciting to finally have warm weather and spend time outdoors soaking in the beautiful rays of sunshine. The sun is healing for some, but with sudden and constant exposure to the heat, there are also risks.   Heat stroke is one of the most common ailments brought on by increased time in the sun. Not only can it harm your skin, but it can have effects on your brain as well. So how do you protect yourself from heat stroke for those days you want to enjoy nice weather? Let’s learn a bit about it:   What is Heat Stroke? Simply put, heat stroke occurs when your body overheats. If you have been sitting in the sun too long, or are exercising outdoors without proper protection, your body will start to feel the effects. Heat stroke can also be seen in individuals wearing too much clothing on hot days...


Healthy Mini Doughnuts

Posted on Jul 16 by

Healthy Mini Doughnuts For the month of July, food from the Calgary Stampede midway is a focused satisfying dreams and cravings. The unique and delicious surprises can be anything from Cereal Monster Sandwiches to Crispy Chicken Feet on a Stick. No matter where your taste buds lead you on Stampede week, you can guarantee that the food will make your eyes light up but your stomach upset. Most choices on the midway, unfortunately, are not a healthy option. One of the most popular and sought after treats on the midway are mini doughnuts. Covered in sugar or powder, these delectable little bite-size donuts are always an addicting choice. And while the term ‘mini’ may seem like a good choice, these doughnuts are served in a large bag (or even a bucket) and taste good enough that you will eat the whole batch. Save yourself the sugar, calories, and stomach upset and make your own mini doughnuts at home! This Healthy Mini Doughnuts recipe cuts back on the sugars and uses a doughnut maker instead of a deep fryer. These...