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CPR Recertification – Why Knowing the Latest is Best!

Posted on Feb 15 by

  Some people believe that lifesaving training is based off of common sense, and that doing a course is a once in a lifetime thing. The fact is that first aid and CPR recertification training should be something we constantly return to and learn the latest. Not only is this preparing you better for an emergency, but it is also protecting those around you by becoming the knowledgeable individual present. Over time, methods, practices, and approaches change and what we learned a few years ago in a CPR class no longer applies. Science is to thank for these changes. As we learn more about the human body and how it works, we can better understand how to assist in an emergency. Knowing the latest allows you to step in and confidently/properly help out. Not only that but it will also increase the chance of survival of the individual in need of assistance.   Changes to Past Approaches Over the years as science has developed further, approaches to first aid and CPR have changed drastically. Research has proven many past...


The Good Samaritan Act – Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Use an AED

Posted on Feb 9 by

Often people wonder if waiting for someone else to help a person in need is better in those times you aren’t 100% sure what you are doing. They are scared that if they do something incorrect or don’t know how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that they will be held responsible for a person’s injuries or decease. The fact of the matter is that if you even have the slightest idea of what you are doing, you should run in without hesitation. You may be this person’s only chance of survival and it is crucial that you jump in right away. Many are afraid to use an AED because it delivers shocks to a person’s body and they believe it is more dangerous than leaving the victim alone until a professional can arrive. The stories where people have been sued by the victim because a rib was broken during assistance, also causes people to hesitate from helping someone. But for those who live in Canada, you have no need to worry. In Canada, there is a legislation...


Heart Month – Everything You Need to Know!

Posted on Feb 6 by

  If you have been present on social media in the past few days, you have probably noticed people discussing Hearth Month. Most assume that “heart month” is for Valentine’s day, but since when did it become a whole month? Heart Month is actually a month-long event dedicated to the heart (the “lub-dub” heart, not the Valentine’s shape)! Unfortunately, many people are not aware that this is in effect and go about their daily business not knowing any better. The fact is, that everyone should know what heart month is about because it is a month filled with support, fundraising, awareness and … yes, even a little love! Here is all you need to know about Heart Month and knowing how to keep your heart in tip-top shape!   What is Heart Month? Heart Month takes place in the month of February and is focused around heart health. Most of North America takes part in this monthly occasion by hosting various events and speaking up for those with heart disease. All across the country people discuss how they can...


Sunday Recipe Makeover: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Posted on Feb 6 by

  With the cold weather, it is easy to give up on buying your meal plan, and instead order in some pizza. It is quick and easy meal solution, but extremely unhealthy. But how, you ask, do I satisfy my pizza craving without filling my body with the bad stuff? Save yourself the guilt and carbs and turn your pizza into a healthy one with this easy and delicious cauliflower crust pizza! This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, and low calorie so you don’t feel ashamed eating more than two pieces. The best part about this recipe is that you can choose whatever toppings you like! Whether you are a ham-and-pineapple person or only cheese, you can customize your pizza to your own preferences. Check out this yummy pizza crust recipe and satisfy those pizza cravings tonight!   Ingredients 2 ½ cups grated/ground cauliflower ½ tsp. dried basil ½ tsp. dried oregano ½ tsp. garlic powder ¼ cup parmesan cheese (shredded) ¼ cup mozzarella cheese pinch of kosher salt 1 egg (slightly beaten)     Directions Preheat the oven to...


Safety in the Workplace: Why Safety Moments Matter!

Posted on Nov 25 by

We have all been there: work calls us in for another safety meeting to go over the standards, rules, and safety precautions. Most of us will roll our eyes, wondering why we need to continually attend these meetings. Many workers will not have experienced a time when they have needed those safety reminders, but for those that have experienced an accident, they are crucial. It is not until an accident occurs that the importance of those safety meetings comes into play, and at that moment, you’ll be thankful you know what to do.   Knowing what to do to ensure safety in the workplace is extremely important. You may scoff and joke around when your team is having a “safety moment,” but what you don’t realize is that those safety moments could be the thing saving someone’s life, adn that someone could be you. Keeping you and your team up to date is what will prevent accidents. Say, for example, someone was late to the meeting and didn’t learn that the new machinery had a few more advanced features...


Sunday Recipe Makeover: Healthy Almond Cinnamon Christmas Star Cookies

Posted on Nov 25 by

Tis the season to be baking! Christmas is around the corner and that means that Christmas star cookies and all sorts of other goodies will be surrounding you. It is hard during the holiday season to avoid the temptation of indulging in these treats, as most times they are very unhealthy. Many holiday treats are loaded with excess sugars, butter, and fat! So what can you do to help avoid filling your body with all that bad stuff? Fill it with delicious healthier treats! Who says that cookies have to be terrible for you? This great Christmas “Healthy Almond Cinnamon Christmas Star cookies” recipe that will leave you feeling better about yourself! Avoid those overly sweet desserts this year and make a batch of your own.   Cinnamon and almond are the flavors that melt in your mouth and leave you feeling nostalgic (a late night sledding, cozy by the fire, warm blanket kind of feeling!). A great way to avoid using unhealthy butter is to use alternatives such as chia, coconut products, and almonds. Check out this healthy...