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Healthy Banana Crumb Muffins

Posted on Jun 11 by

Healthy Banana Crumb Muffins   One of the common breakfast temptations is banana bread. Heavy enough to fill you up, and tasty enough to leave you satisfied in the morning. This breakfast treat is great even for an afternoon snack alongside your coffee. The problem with banana bread is that it is often unhealthy and is filled with sugar and butter. Even the banana breads that sound healthy (“Walnut Banana Bread” or “Whole Wheat Flour Banana Bread”) are not necessarily the better option. Take out those sugars and get your banana fix with these healthy banana crumb muffins! With reduced amount of sugar and butter (and extra banana) you will feel full and ready to go with your now healthy breakfast or snack selection!   Ingredients (Made to serve 10)   Muffins 1 ½ cups All-Purpose Flour 1 tsp. Baking Soda 1 tsp. Baking Powder ½ tsp. Salt 4 Bananas (mashed) ¼ cup White Sugar 1 Egg (lightly beaten) 1/3 cup Butter (melted)   Topping 1/3 cup Packed Brown Sugar 2 Tbsp. All-Purpose Flour 1/8 tsp. Ground Cinnamon 1...


What AED do I Need?

Posted on Jun 6 by

  What AED do I Need?   You’ve made the decision to purchase an AED. So, do you know what AED is best for you? When purchasing an AED there are many aspects you need to consider: what brand do I purchase and what type is best? First Edition First Aid Training Inc. has made the decision to supply Philips defibrillators for a number of reasons (dependency, usability, etc.). Philips is a brand we can trust, but also one that offers a machine for different needs. They are not a one-machine-fits all because something that is perfect for your home may not stand up on a worksite. Below are 3 types of AEDs that First Edition First Aid Training Inc. supplies and how they help you answer the question, “what AED do I need?”   Heartstart Onsite AED An AED for the Office   What AED is better for the office than the Heartstart Onsite Philips Defibrillator? The Onsite defibrillator is a great choice for those looking to keep their AED in work-space locations. Whether you work in an...


My AED is Chirping, What Does that Mean?

Posted on May 30 by

  My AED is Chirping, What Does that Mean?   The room is quiet until suddenly you hear a chirping noise. You follow the sound and discover your AED is chirping. What does that mean? It is common for an AED to give a chirping sound when something needs attention or care. Don’t stress! This is one of the many amazing features these defibrillators have. With Philips AEDs, self-checking occurs daily to ensure that when an emergency occurs, you have the best possible resources ready. When your AED is chirping, it can mean more than one thing. At any time when your AED begins to chirp, press the information button and the AED will read what the problem is. The machine will tell you whether it is an issue with the pads, battery, software, or another more serious problem. Below are the different reasons and follow-up measures you should take when your AED begins to chirp!   Expired AED Pads   Each AED package will include a set of pads. When in use, the pads attach to the individual...


AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator Vs Zoll

Posted on May 22 by

AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator Vs Zoll   When you Google ‘Best AED’ a number of selections show up. You want the ‘best’ because with every minute that passes in an emergency without an AED, the survival rate drops 7-10%. That is why it is important to ensure your AED is the best – to save a life. Each AED will have features and inclusions that vary. You want to choose an AED that would increase survival rate, be easy to use, and get the job done effectively. In your search for the best you probably came across the Philips Defibrillator. This is also the AED brand we decided to sell because we believe it is the best. That said, there are a number of other AED brands to choose from, one of which is Zoll. Zoll has a very different set up and design than the Philips Defibrillators. Between the two companies, there is a difference in price, battery life, memory, testing, and much more. Here we will compare Philips vs. Zoll so you know which is the better...


Healthy Shepherd’s Pie

Posted on May 21 by

Healthy Shepherd’s Pie   Comfort foods. These are the foods that make us warm and fuzzy inside but usually leave us feeling bloated and gassy. The truth is that comfort foods are our favorites because they taste amazing, not because they are high quality ingredients. Shepherd’s pie is one of these dishes: filled with heavy mashed potatoes, a lot of greasy beef, and topped with unhealthy amounts of fattening cheese. If only these delectable dishes could be good for us…   You will be happy to know that they can! All it requires is changing/altering those greasy and fatty ingredients with something that your body can appreciate! Reduce the carbs in the potatoes by adding cauliflower, cut back on the cheese, and make a conscious decision to use even more vegetables. Forget unnecessary bloating, and instead feel the comfort from this altered, healthy Shepherd’s pie recipe!   Ingredients (Made to serve 6-8)   Healthy Potatoes   2 large Potatoes (peeled and chopped) 1 small Cauliflower head (chopped – 2 inch pieces) 2/3 cup Milk 3 Tbsp. Butter (divided) Salt...


How Much Does an AED Cost? – Your Ideal AED Price

Posted on May 15 by

How Much Does an AED Cost? – Your Ideal AED Price   The purchase of AEDs is becoming more popular. Many would agree that it is worth every penny no matter what the AED price. Just knowing that an AED can help in emergencies makes it an excellent purchase. Not only does having access to one increase a person’s chance of survival innumerably, just having one on site is often a selling feature and ease of fear.   Why the AED Price Shouldn’t be the Focus   The principal of a product’s price is dependent on the trust we put in quality. It is the same as not wanting to spend less money on tires simply to save money. We will pay more so we are safer behind the wheel (and so are our family and friends). AEDs follow the same concept. Finding the cheapest version does not mean that you are cheating the system. There are downfalls paired with why those models are cheaper (for example, lower battery life, difficult battery insertion, faulty machinery, etc.). Buying the cheaper...