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News: Philips Guiding Cancer Care

Screen grab of video Guiding Cancer Care wth Medical Technology

We are so excited about this news. Any improvements to cancer care certainly deserves its place on our blog. Philips is such a great company with their technology in so many different fields it is amazing to see them really focusing areas as important to this.

Advancements and focus like this reassures us that we are selling the right products and ensuring that our machines and the company that makes them will always be on the forefront of technology and putting people first. We woudn’t sell any other products.


Philips Youtube ‘about’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knRdizOJSdg:

“See how Philips image-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) provides cancer therapy with fewer side effects and reduces the need for surgery at a hospital in Utrecht.

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“Guiding cancer care with medical technology – Philips’ new approach to therapy” video transcript:
DR. CHRISTOPHER BUSCH: I think it’s fair to say that everybody will be affected by cancer one way or the other during his or her lifetime. I am a potential cancer patient.
MEREL HUISMAN: Up to 70% of patients with cancer will be facing bone metastasis.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: And at this point, it’s treated with radiation therapy. But only 60% of the patients is responding.
MEREL HUISMAN: The patients we see are in a lot of pain. The problems they have are with daily activities such as sleeping, walking, this pain can be really debilitating.
TITLE CARD: Guiding Cancer Care: Utrecht, The Netherlands
DR. CHRISTOPHER BUSCH: All big things start small, and they start somewhere. Why did this start in Utrecht? I think there is good history of Philips collaborating with Utrecht.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: This is the first technique which we have currently available in the world, which combines imaging MR with an ablation technique, high intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU, which is completely non-invasive.
MEREL HUISMAN: So no instruments whatsoever will go into the patient’s body. Without touching the patient, we can treat the patient. This is a very vulnerable patient population. And they really need every help they can get. I really want to give them the best treatment possible. I think it’s very important that, as opposed to cure, we also focus on care. So by managing their pain, you restore the patient’s quality of life. The patients we treat with bone metastasis are part of the research study and I hope for the future that we have established the treatment technique and be able to translate this to other institutes.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: The shared goal is that we are convinced that we will be able to replace open surgery. If we have patients with cancer that don’t need to be treated anymore with the surgical scalpel, and leaving the day after treatment in a good clinical condition, that would be a really major shift in healthcare in cancer treatment.
MEREL HUISMAN: We’ve treated a male patient who had very painful bone metastasis because of his cancer and he really wanted to go work on his boat and sail with his wife, and because of the treatment with Philips at MR HIFU, he could do the things he wants to do again.”

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