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DONATION: Project Brock

Project Brock - Brock's Law

Project Brock – Brock’s Law

If you have not already heard, Project Brock is a foundation started by Kim Ruether, mother of Brock Ruether, with a mission to bring AED and cardiac arrest awareness and education to schools. You can read Brock’s full heartbreaking story and how it sparked a movement towards Heart Safe Schools and Project Brock on Alberta Health Services website


Project Brock’s mission is near and dear to our hearts here at First Edition and we want to do as much as we can to support the cause. We have recently donated 50 Heart and Stroke ‘friends and family’ mannequins to Kim Ruether of Project Brock to do our part in helping to promote heart-safe schools.

As a further effort we have donated 50 more Heart and Stroke ‘friends and family’ maniquins to Roselien Christensen of Safety For You in Red Deer. Safety For You not only supports Project Brock but also takes it’s own initiative to promote heart-safe school programs in Red Deer and area. But CPR is only half the battle when it comes to saving a life. So, we have also donated 52 miniature AED trainers for mass training in the schools so that what happened to Brock, an AED in the school that was not used when he collapsed, never happens again.

For more information on Project Brock please visit their facebook page and find out how you can educate your children.


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