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Risks of living the high-rise life


Yikes! The National Post just put out a new story on the risks of living the high-rise life.


Living above the third-floor drastically reduces your chances of surviving cardiac arrest, study suggests


That is certainly something to consider and also something that many people probably do not!


Here is an image taken from the original article that shows just how drastic the survival rate can be. It explains the fall in survival. “Locked front doors, missing concierges and agonizingly slow elevator times are contributing to some of the more obvious delays. But the odd elevator doesn’t even fit stretchers, said lead author Ian Drennan, a paramedic with York Region’s paramedic services and a researcher with Rescu, based at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. “So then you’re regulated to the stairs.”

Survival Rate in a high-rise


We encourage you to read the full article.

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