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Earth Day 2017: Ways to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Earth Day 2017: Ways to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Earth Day 2017 Ways to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Save the Earth, so it can Save You


In the month of April, there is a day (April 22, 2017) that we celebrate our Earth – Earth Day 2017. This wonderful, amazing, and interesting place that we live, filled with about 7.5 billion people. With that many people on the planet, we must be careful what we do to ensure it lasts longer. Saving the environment is good for future generations, but it is also good for your health! Sure, there are people out there telling you to never use your car and technology again, and they may have a point. But for some, that is not realistic for the lives we maintain. We live in a busy and fast-paced world with numerous demands set upon us. So, what are we doing that is so bad? What are some ways we can save the environment that won’t make us leave our jobs and homes? Knowing our impact on the world is a great first start! Also knowing some simple ways we can change our lifestyles to save our planet! Be good to the planet and it will be good to you!


Our Negative Environmental Impacts




It may seem like science fiction, but the increase in technology that our society depends upon is actually harmful. An increase in electromagnetic energy, also known as space weather, can deeply affect our planet. Although it may not be as serious as the world ending, electromagnetic radiation and particles can interrupt our signal transmissions (such as GPS signals).




In addition to space weather and electromagnetic energy, CO2 is another area that causes our planet harm. Just because it is not an immediate harm, does not mean we shouldn’t take action towards protecting our planet! CO2 is often associated with climate change. This natural gas is produced in increased amounts because of humans. As many know, the increase in CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps in warmth and heats up our planet. This increased gas has even been said to increase the acidity in our oceans. This affects sea life, and further down the food chain, affects us.


These negative impacts are starting to affect us personally now and they can in the long term. Because drastic changed cannot be made in short periods of time, it will require commitment.

So, what can we do to reduce our ecological footprint? Here are some ways we can start moving towards a healthier world and a healthier future!



Why Saving the Planet Affects Us


The fact is simple, the worse off the world is, the worse off we will be. If the world is not taken care of and instead is polluted and harmed, it will harm us. As the world fills with toxins and pollution, we will begin to breath in those harmful chemicals and gases. Our health will begin to fail, disturbed by polluted air, water, and grown foods. We need the planet to be healthy so we can be healthy! Wouldn’t you want your children’s, children’s, children to know what grass feels like and to see a mountain range with snow on it? In order for that to happen we need to start today!


Ways to Reduce Our Environmental Impact


  1. Travel


One great way to reduce your CO2 emissions is to change your travel plans. Instead of hopping in your car to go for coffee, save the planet and find another means of transportation! One of the most common and excellent ways to reduce your impact is to walk or ride a bike! The simple omission of your car’s gas can make even the slightest impact. Another idea is, if you are planning on taking a short flight somewhere, try to take a train instead! Short flights take up a lot of fuel and have a large impact on the environment.


  1. Unplug

It may seem silly, but if you take the time to unplug unused appliances, you can be energy efficient! The simple pulling of the plug cuts off that small percentage of power that appliances still use when off. A plugged-in appliance is still plugged in! Need something even simpler? Turn off your computer at night so it is not using up battery and energy to keep itself on standby!


  1. Turn off Lights

This is probably the most common way people think of to save the planet. Turning off burning lights reduces your electricity bill! It is amazing, that despite the knowledge that burning lights are bad, we still have the habit of keeping them on! On April 22nd take a break from the lights and instead light up some candles! You can create a cozy and romantic space while saving you money and saving the planet (and ultimately saving you!).


  1. Look at What You Buy

Many typical items we buy for our household contain ingredients that demand high amounts of energy. For example, palm oil is an ingredient commonly found in shampoos, lipstick, margarine and even ice cream. Because of the high demand this ingredient, there have been an increase of need for space to grow the plant. This means that tropical forests are being removed to allow more area for growth. This reduces the amount of oxygen produced because of the lowered number of trees. Let’s have a love for life and look at our product ingredients!


  1. Reduce Water Use
    Reduce Water

We all know that shorter showers are the way to go when saving the earth! But how many of us actually do it? We all love those long, relaxing showers filled with steam and hot water. We even indulge in taking baths, which require higher amounts of water. But reducing the amount of water used in your household can save the planet, and in long term, save you! Lowering the amount of water used will reduce household greenhouse gas emissions. Turn off those taps, take shorter showers, do only large loads of laundry. All these things can make a difference.


  1. Reduce Paper Use

Paper comes from trees, trees provide oxygen. We need trees to live and if we begin to cut them down more than needed, it is only going to harm our environment. Try to do your part. Recycle paper, reuse paper, and reduce your use as often as possible. You can also choose better paper retailers who focus on creating recycled paper products that are better for our world!



Do what you can to save our world. The more you do it, the better off it will be. Get your friends, family, and coworkers in on the movement to save our planet and therefore save our health! We are all in this together, so why not make the most of our world? Save the earth, so it can save you and start earth day 2017!







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