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How Much Does an AED Cost? – Your Ideal AED Price

How Much Does an AED Cost - Your Ideal AED Price

How Much Does an AED Cost? – Your Ideal AED Price


The purchase of AEDs is becoming more popular. Many would agree that it is worth every penny no matter what the AED price. Just knowing that an AED can help in emergencies makes it an excellent purchase. Not only does having access to one increase a person’s chance of survival innumerably, just having one on site is often a selling feature and ease of fear.


Why the AED Price Shouldn’t be the Focus


The principal of a product’s price is dependent on the trust we put in quality. It is the same as not wanting to spend less money on tires simply to save money. We will pay more so we are safer behind the wheel (and so are our family and friends). AEDs follow the same concept. Finding the cheapest version does not mean that you are cheating the system. There are downfalls paired with why those models are cheaper (for example, lower battery life, difficult battery insertion, faulty machinery, etc.). Buying the cheaper version also ensures you aren’t purchasing the highest quality. First Edition First Aid Training Inc. sells Philips AED’s because we believe in quality. When someone’s life is on the line, we want the AED to work 100%. Why take the chance on a system that is complicated or less superior, especially when it is a matter of life or death? If we aren’t willing to pay the AED price, are we willing to risk someone’s life?


What All AEDs Have


Depending on the brand, the AED price and style can vary. At First Edition First Aid Training Inc., we supply the same Phillips brand AED’s and packages to ensure that there is continuity between the products. Depending on the type of AED you purchase, there will be different product additions (for example, child SMART pads are only available in select packages). Despite different packages, it is good to know that each AED will offer the same following features:


  • Step-by-step guidance (installed voice instructions to guide you through the process)
  • Ready to use (easy set-up, pre-installed pads and battery)
  • Instructions adapt to your pace (prompts will be repeated if missed)
  • Fast shocks (to improve treatment success)
  • Personalized therapy for each patient (Onsite automatically checks to make sure shock is necessary)
  • Easy to train your team


The Different Philips AEDs we Sell


Depending where you are planning on keeping/using your AED, there are some that are better suited for specific places. Each defibrillator comes with options for the AED package: accessories, AED cases/cabinets, or trainers and accessories. Of course, the AED price will vary dependent upon the type and inclusions. Here are the range of AED packages that First Edition First Aid supplies, and the details of each:


Heartstart Onsite Defibrillator Package

Heartstart Onsite Defibrillator Package

  • Onsite Defibrillator AED Price = $1,896
  • Onsite Defibrillator AED Package Includes:
    • Onsite AED (Includes 1 battery, 2 adult SMART Pads II, Carrying Case)
    • Fast Response Kit
    • DVD
  • Recommended for = Homes, schools, offices, churches, community halls, etc. Recommended for first responders with little training, everyday people.
  • Heartstart Onsite performs daily self-tests to ensure it is ready for use.
  • Heartstart Onsite is lightweight and portable.


Heartstart FRx Defibrillator Package

Heartstart FRx Defibrillator Package

  • FRx Defibrillator AED Price = $2,428
  • FRx Defibrillator AED Package Includes:
    • FRx AED (Includes 1 battery, 2 adult SMART Pads II, Carrying Case)
    • Spare Battery
    • Fast Response Kit
    • DVD
    • Additional Pediatric Key package optional ($2,533)
  • Recommended for = Work sites, work trucks, arenas, recreational facilities, offices, police, law enforcement, on-water, extreme weather. Commonly used by employees and law enforcement for on the scene emergencies.
  • Heartstart FRx is very rugged/durable and easily transported.


Heartstart In-Home Defibrillator Package

Heartstart In-Home Defibrillator Package

  • In-Home Defibrillator AED Price = $1,570
  • In-Home Defibrillator AED Package Includes:
    • In-Home AED (Includes 1 battery, 1 adult SMART Pads, Carrying Case)
    • DVD
  • Recommended for = Homes, Daycares, small buildings with fewer people and less space.
  • Cost effective so that you can be prepared in the comfort of your own home.


MRX Defibrillator (Clinical/Hospital Model) Package

MRX Defibrillator (Clinical:Hospital Model) Package

  • MRX Defibrillator AED Price = $19,998 (price may vary with package item selection)
  • MRX Defibrillator AED Package Includes:
    • Heartstart MRX Monitor/Defibrillator
    • AC Power, AED mode, ECG arrhythmia detection, automated testing, battery pack, bed rail hook, 5-lead, pad cable, data card tray, 1 test load, 1 roll of paper, CD with instructions for use
    • SP02 (with high quality, re-usable fingertip transducer)
    • Non-invasive pacing
    • 12-lead ECG acquisition
    • 75mm wide printer
    • Data card
    • Red carry case, detachable pouch
    • User Video-DVD
    • Standard Pad Cable
    • 5-yr bench repair warranty
  • Recommended for = professional medical locations/teams.


NOTE: Accessories, signs, cabinet and wall mounts, and trainers are available for Heartstart all defibrillators


No matter where you work, live, visit, or attend, there is a Philips AED made to save lives there! Including these life-saving machines can have a huge impact on survival rate. Contact us today to put in your order. Be prepared for anything, wherever you are!






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