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    AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator Vs Cardiac Science

    AED Brands- Philips Defibrillator Vs Cardiac Science

    AED Brands- Philips Defibrillator Vs Cardiac Science

    AED Brands: Philips Defibrillator Vs Cardiac Science


    When selecting an AED, it is important to consider the similarities and differences between AED brands. A popular choice is the Phillips Onsite Defibrillator, an AED supplied and supported by First Edition First Aid Training Inc. Another common option is the Cardiac Science AED, specifically the Powerheart G3 model. There are many similarities between the Philips defibrillator and the Cardiac Science Powerheart, but there are also many differences: price, size, battery type, etc. Although cost may be a factor when choosing an AED, choosing the cheapest price is not necessarily the best option. You want to make sure your AED is best in class given its important role, and performs 100% when emergencies occur. Here we will compare Philip vs. Cardiac Science to help narrow which is the best AED for you.


    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3


    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Price and Accessories

    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3

    The Cardiac Science AED is made with usability in mind. The AED has clear instructions as well as self-checking features (similar to that of the Philips Onsite AED) that make it ready to use. The AED is priced around $1,455, but can change depending on the retailer and package (prices range depending upon location as well as type of package e.g. Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Pro).


    The standard Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 package includes the following (may vary depending on retailer):

    • Powerheart G3 AED
    • 2 Adult AED Pads
    • Powerheart G3 Battery Pack (4-year warranty)


    Accessories dependent upon retailer:

    • Quick Start Tool Kit (Training and Demo Software)
    • Premium Carry Case
    • Fast Response Kit
    • AED Orientation
    • CD and USB Connector Cable for AED data analysis
    • AED decals (2) and wall sign
    • CPR and AED training vouchers (for 2 individuals)


    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED Size

    The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED is one of the larger AEDs available as well as one of the heaviest (second to the Zoll AED). The Cardiac Science AED weighs a total of 6.6lbs with the battery and pads installed. This is quite heavy for an AED, and is therefore less compact and easy to transport. Although it is only 3.3lbs heavier and slightly larger (3.3” x 12.4” x 10.6”) than the Philips Onsite AED, it can make a difference in transport time. In situations where a person giving assistance is weakened or injured, or a child is instructed to get the AED while an adult begins CPR, this extra weight could cause a delay. Because of the nature of the machine, there should be no difficulties in delivering and transporting an AED, making the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED size and weight a pitfall.


    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Battery

    Cardiac Science Battery

    The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 uses a different battery than most AEDs. Although they are still lithium-based, the battery has an IntelliSense feature that uses a memory chip to automatically store information. The Cardiac Science has a larger memory storage than most, which can allow viewing of the entire operating history. Unfortunately, to replace the Powerheart G3 batteries, the IntelliSense means an increase in price. New batteries can cost up to $395.00 per battery. This replacement is more than double the cost of the replacement battery used with the Philips Onsite AED or other models. If traceability and memory storage are imperative for your policy, then this is the machine for you. If you don’t have the need for such an in-depth monitoring system, and price weighs more heavily, this is an unnecessary cost.


    Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Warranty

    Unlike most AEDs, the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED has a warranty of 7 years and a battery warranty of 4 years. Most other AED devices have a warranty of 8-10 (with the exception of the Zoll AED which has 5 years with an additional 2 available for purchase). The lowered warranty could present an issue as the device may need more attention to keep it maintained. Although the battery warranty is similar to other AEDs (4 years), it is important to consider that the cost of replacing the battery is much more.


    Philips Onsite AED

    Philips Onsite AED Price and Accessories


    The Philips Onsite AED is made with convenience and simplicity in mind. The AED is best used in locations such as offices, schools, or any place with a large number of people. The compact case makes it easy to store and transport when an emergency occurs, without limiting the functionality. The Philips Onsite AED is priced $1,896 and can be purchased through First Edition First Aid Training Inc., and can vary depending on package and accessory inclusions. Although this is slightly more expensive than the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3, the price reflects the quality of the product. Paying less upfront does not mean it is the best deal. In the Case of lifesaving devices you want your AED to work at full capacity when an emergency occurs.


    The standard Onsite Philips Defibrillator package includes the following:

    • Onsite AED (Includes 1 batter, 2 adult SMART Pads II, Carrying Case)
    • Fast Response Kit
    • DVD
    • 8 Year Warranty (additional 2-year warranty extension available)


    Philips Onsite AED Size

    Unlike the Cardiac Science AED, the Phillips Onsite AED is compact, lightweight, and less bulky. Weighing a total of 3.3lbs with the battery and pads installed, it is much lighter and therefore easier to transport. When an AED is required, any additional time without the AED is minutes that could cause brain damage in an individual. With a lightweight AED, there is no struggle to remove it from the display case, and even a child can deliver the AED to a person in need if necessary. The lightweight characteristic makes the Onsite AED a more efficient and sensible choice.


    Philips Onsite Battery


    Similar to the batteries of the Cardiac Science AED, the Philips Defibrillators operate with a compact lithium battery. Installation and replacements are easy with this single cell. The Philips Onsite does not have an IntelliSense battery, however, it still has a 15-minute ECG memory with the possibility to review events and data. The benefit of not having an IntelliSense battery is that replacements cost much less. Unlike the IntelliSense battery, which can cost up to $395 to replace, the Philips Onsite AED battery replacement costs only $164. Again, the need for the extra memory should be determined prior to purchasing a machine, and in most cases the 15-minute ECG and data is sufficient.


    Philips Onsite Warranty

    The Philips Onsite AED warranty is comparable to the majority of other AEDs. The device has a warranty of 8 years (with an additional 2-year extension available) and a battery warranty of 4 years. This warranty shows that the AED is reliable when emergencies occur with its long-lasting life. The Philips AED pads have a life span of 30 months, ensuring that, when used, they function properly and effectively. The shelf-life device warranty is similar to that of other AEDs with the exception of the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3, which is one year less. The Philips Onsite warranty lasts long enough for an unexpected emergency, and short enough to ensure that no problems or replacements would occur too soon.


    When deciding which AED to purchase for your home, office, or worksite, Philips is a clear winner for most spaces. Although the two AEDs are comparable, the reduced warranty, high priced battery replacement, and size are drawbacks of the Cardiac Science AED. AED’s need to work 100% 100% of the time, be easily transported from storage to the emergency location, and be worth your investment. Choose the Philips Onsite AED and feel confident that if an emergency is to occur, you are in good hands!









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