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    World Heart Day

    World Heart Day

    World Heart Day

    Happy World Heart Day! On this day, September 29, the world comes together to celebrate the heart. We need our hearts to live (and love) – it pumps blood through our bodies, providing us with oxygen, and keeps us alive! It is truly an amazing organ. Many of us are not aware of just how amazing and important it is, taking our hearts for granted. That is why we have World Heart Day to remind us! Here is your ultimate guide to World Heart Day!


    What is World Heart Day?

    World Heart Day is an international campaign that works to bring attention to the heart. It is a day where we create awareness on the effects of heart disease and stroke, as well as how to prevent it. The World Heart Federation created this campaign, with a mission to inform the world of the effects of heart problems. On this day each year, people from around the world take part in activities to improve their own heart health and encourage others to do the same!


    How to Get Involved

    Want to get involved in sharing the love of our hearts to those across the world? Here is how you can get involved:

    • Share a Heart Health tip on your social media page!
    • Upload your selfie to the “World Heart Day” wall to be shared on the website and social media platforms!
    • Support the Campaign on Twitter!
      • #worldheartday
      • @worldheartfed
    • Support the Campaign on Facebook!
      • @WorldHeartDay
    • Light up the world in red – if you have the ability to light up a building in the colour red, contact ‘World Heart Day!’ (worldheartday@worldheart.org)
    • Tell people about it and bring awareness to the heart!


    How to Help Your Own Heart

    Want to make a huge impact on World Heart Day? Take care of your own heart! If you take action towards heart health, World Heart Day has already served its purpose. So, how can you help your blood-pumper?



    Everyone knows that doing regular exercise is good for you in a number of ways (stay fit, increase energy, decrease fatigue, etc.) – but do we actually do it? Take action this World Heart Day and begin an exercise routine that fits your schedule! This doesn’t mean you have to jump into doing a marathon or pay big bucks for a gym membership. Simply increase the amount of exercise you already do. If you are mainly sedentary, add a 30-minute walk each morning/evening. Once you begin a routine, stick to it! Your heart and body will thank you!


    Eating Healthy

    This one always can be touch and is easier than you think. When you hear ‘eat healthy’ you may jump to the conclusion that you have to eat vegetables for the rest of your life. That is not the case. Just make healthier choices! Choose to not add dressing to a salad, reduce the amount of sugary drinks you have in a week, use butter instead of margarine, drink 1 more cup of water. These small changes and additions can go a long way in your heart health! The more often you choose the healthier option over the carb/salt/sugar-filled ones, the better your heart function! Want to add some heart-healthy foods into your diet? Here are some of the best foods that will work to improve your heart and improve your health!

    • Fish
    • Berries
    • Spinach
    • Red Wine (4-ounce glass per day)
    • Tomatoes
    • Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)
    • Asparagus
    • Oatmeal
    • Broccoli


    Reduce Stress

    Long-term stress can affect your heart health and lead to heart disease and stroke. If you manage your stress then you can work to prevent these problems. Take action against the stress in your life using these steps from the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada:

    1. Find the source of what is causing you stress
    2. Identify a healthy way to cope with your stress (yoga, tea, running, meditation, a nap, etc.)
    3. Begin to recognize stress daily and deal with it immediately

    Once you have started to tackle what is making you stressed and learn how to decrease that stress, your heart will benefit! If you struggle with handling stress, speak to your doctor or psychologist to learn tips and tricks to manage your stress!



    We hope that you have a wonderful World Heart Day and that you can share the ❤ with those around you! Cheers to heart health daily!










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