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    Routine Maintenance for Your AED

    Routine Maintenance for Your AED

    Now that you have an AED all set up in your office/home/worksite, you are prepared for any heart-related emergency. You have just taken a huge step towards potentially saving someone’s life! Setting it up and having it accessible is leaps and bounds towards preparedness, now you just need to maintain it! Routine maintenance is important to ensure that your AED is working 100%. There would be nothing worse than going to use it in an emergency, only to find it doesn’t work. Not sure what to do to support your life-saving machine? Here is your guide to routine maintenance for your AED!


    Battery and Pad Expiration

    Battery Expiration - Routine MaintenanceOnce you set up your AED, you will notice that on the battery and pad there are expiry dates. These will identify when your AED should receive replacement pads and batteries. The SMART pads will need to be replaced every 2 years, and the battery every 4 years. Keep in mind that it is best to have back-ups so that when you need to replace the accessories, you can do it right away. Set alarms and reminders for yourself to help you remember when to purchase new replacements as well as when to change the accessories.

    NOTE: If you notice your AED making a chirping noise, this is the machine possibly indicating that your batteries or pads are expired. If this is the case, contact First Edition immediately so you can purchase your replacements to be shipped out right away.


    Philips AED - Routine MaintenanceSoftware Updates

    In some cases, you may find in your routine maintenance that your AED will need a software update. These are to ensure that the machine is working at full capacity when an emergency occurs. It is important to download any software updates as soon as possible! Philips is always striving to make their AEDs safer and more efficient. Common updates can include the simple things like the phrasing of voice commands, or the time between shocks. Having this small, efficient change could be the difference in permanent damage.

    NOTE: Again, if you notice that your AED is making a chirping noise, this may indicate that a software update is available. For software updates, the best way to have this resolved is to call First Edition First Aid Training Inc. (1-403-243-2644) who can guide you through the process of updating your AED.


    AED Presence AwarenessAED Wall Sign - Routine Maintenance

    If your AED is new to your location, make everyone aware of its presence. Once people know where it is, the time required to retrieve and find an AED is reduced (precious time for the individual). Although it is not a routine maintenance of the machine, ensure that you remind those in your location where the AED is found. In an office or worksite, show new or contract employees where it is located. Once people know where it is, a person in need can get attention that much quicker!

    BONUS: Another way to bring awareness to your AED is to hang AED signs. These will locate individuals to find the AED faster!


    Running a Test

    To ensure that your AED is working properly, it is beneficial to do routine maintenance by testing the machine. Simply turn the machine off and on again (without touching the pads or battery). This will guarantee that your AED is on and ready for use. Once you have turned the machine back on, you will notice a green blinking light near the power button. If this button is not blinking green, then your AED may need further attention (in which case call First Edition). Your AED will then run a self-test, asking you to push the correct button when it is flashing. Once the self-test is complete, the AED will return to standby mode, ready for use.


    FRK - Routine MaintenanceFully Equipped ‘Fast Response Kit’

    The Fast Response Kit is there to assist in emergencies. It is equipped with gloves, pocket breathing mask, paramedic scissors, chest hair razor, and large extra-absorbent paper towel. All of these items are essential for CPR and AED attention. Perform a check every so often in your routine maintenance to ensure that the kit is fully equipped. If any of the items have been used or misplaced, you’ll need to replace them right away.


    Keep your AED maintained so that it is ready to save a life! If you require any assistance or replacements for your AED, be sure to contact First Edition First Aid Training Inc.! We are happy to help!




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