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    Heartwarming Charity – Heart Beats Children’s Society

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    Heartwarming Charity – Heart Beats Children’s Society

    Every month we like to feature an amazing charity that warms our hearts. What else could warm our hearts more than a society working to support children with congenital heart disease? Introducing, the Heart Beats Children’s Society located in Calgary, Alberta. Check out what this amazing charity is up to and how they are making a difference.


    About this Charity:

    Heart Beats Children’s Society of Calgary is a grass-roots registered charitable organization that has been helping families of children with congenital heart disease (CHD) since 1987.”

    – Heart Beats Children’s Society

    The Heart Beats Children’s Society is working to support families with children get the financial and emotional support they need to help them living with heart disease. This charity works to:

    1. Support

    “CHD is the most common of all birth defects occurring in about 1 in 100 of all births.” Although this is common, many people are not aware what to do when their child has heart disease. The Heart Beats Children’s Society offers a number of emotional support opportunities for the child, the parents, and the entire family. These are wonderful opportunities for the whole family to receive the emotional support and encouragement they need.

    2. Assistance

    Living with heart disease can be stressful for the child as well as the family. There can be a number of financial costs that come with heart disease, and the Heart Beats charity is working to assist those in need. In many cases, children will need to be in the hospital for a few months, this can cost parents high hotel bills, gas, and food costs. The charity works to help them with those travel, accommodation, and other expenses to reduce the stress and support the family further.

    3. Create Awareness

    The charity works to provide equipment to Cardiology Clinic, but as well they work with Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network to create more awareness. They offer the resources and knowledge to assist families in this stressful time and provide them the resources they need to carry on. A newsletter (sent out 3 times a year) offers new discoveries, research, and other information on CHD.


    Heart Beats Children’s Society Events:

    Heart Beats Family Fun Run

     Date: October (TBD)RunningHeart - Heart Beats Children's Society

    Location: Calgary

    About the Event:

    The Heart Beats Family Fun Run is a wonderful event made for the whole family. The run consists of 10k, 5k, and 1k races with the opportunity to win prizes and medals! This yearly event raises funds that will go directly towards helping those children and families living with Congenital Heart Disease and defects. The dates of this event have not yet been announced, but more information can be requested at run@heartbeats.ca.


    How to Get Involved:

    There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Heart Beats Children’s Society, including:

    • Donate
    • Volunteer
    • Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed
    • Participate in the Events


    Why This Work is Heartwarming:

    The Heart Beats Children’s Society is bringing the importance of the heart to our attention. Many people do not realize that heart disease can happen to anyone at any age – and that is why they are choosing to support children living with CHD. Through donations and support, they are working to create a world where families affected by this disease are given the resources and support they need. We benefit by:

    • Supporting families who have children with CHD.
      • Donations and support are offered through the assistance of financial aid and encouragement groups.
    • Encouraging and understanding of how to live with heart disease.
      • The Heart Beats Children’s Society partners with the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network to provide clinical information to help these families.


    It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we thank the Heart Beats Children’s Society for their work in assisting families and children! Let’s continue to bring awareness to the heart and show others some love!




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