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    AED Accessories – Which Ones Do I Need?

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    AED Accessories – Which Ones Do I Need?

    Now that you have an AED it is time to accessorize! Having an AED in a location is one of the biggest steps towards preparedness. But in order to use your life-saving device properly, you need the right AED accessories to go with it. The same way that you need a keyboard in order to type, or you require wheels in order for your car to drive. In order for an AED to function at full capacity, you need the correct accessories. Each AED purchased from First Edition First Aid Training Inc. will come with some of these accessories right away, but others you may need to purchase separately. Take a look at this list of AED accessories and determine which ones you will need!


    Child SMART Pads - AED AccessoriesAED Pads

    One of the most important AED accessories required, no matter where your AED is located, is AED pads. In order for your AED to be usable, you need to have pads that will attach to the patient, which will then administer the shock. Depending on the patient in need, you will need a specific sized pad. For example, if your AED location is in a place where children often visit, then you should always have a set of Child SMART Pads handy. This way if a child goes into cardiac arrest, you have the correct AED accessories to save his/her life. It is important that you use child AED pads for a child, as the AED will automatically reduce the shock administered. On the other hand, Adult SMART Pads (one pair is included with the purchase of all Philips AED’s sold by First Edition First Aid Training Inc.) will administer a stronger shock for an adult-sized individual. Although one pair is included in your purchase, it is important to have an extra set. This way if the pads are ever accidently opened, they expire, or they are used, then you have a replacement to use and switch out immediately. Take a look at the individuals in your location and determine if child pads are needed in addition to adult pads, and always be sure to have a backup ready!


    AED StorageAED Case - AED Accessoreis

    Of the AED accessories you need to maintain you AED, having proper AED storage is essential. Either a cabinet or a soft case will work to keep your AED secured and safe when not in use. These cases work wonderfully to keep the device protected from the wear and tear of every-day life, as well, it offers an easy way to transport the entire AED and all of the AED accessories – carrying it quickly and efficiently from one place to another. The Philips AED comes as one compact unit, however, depending on your location, it may be better to keep your AED stored inside something stronger (like an alarmed cabinet or hard case), so that it is not jostled or damaged when not in use. Alternatively, if space is a luxury, you may consider purchasing wall mount with signage. This way your AED can be safely stored off the ground and is easily visible, so it can be located quickly in an emergency.

    If your AED is transported from place to place or comes into contact with the weather (such as an AED at a construction site or in transport trucks), then the hard storage case is also preferable. It can be additionally preemptive to have your AED stored in a temperature control case. These will ensure that your AED is in a waterproof location and can handle the rigorous settings that are involved with outdoor work.


    Battery - AED AccessoriesAED Battery Replacement

    Although a battery is already installed in your AED at purchase (and has a lifetime of 4 years), it is always important to have a replacement at the ready. Having a battery replacement could be just the thing to save a life if suddenly your AED battery expires or you forgot to order one after use. The best thing to do is to set reminders for yourself. Purchase an AED replacement battery (and any other replacement AED accessories) before your current one expires. Packaged batteries have a shelf life of 5 years, and then another 4 years once installed. This means that you can always have one on standby for when it is needed.

    Not sure when your AED battery is going to expire? Take a look at how you can tell when it is time to replace your battery on our other blog!


    First Response KitFRK - AED Accessories

    In an emergency where an individual has a cardiac arrest, certain items may be needed. When using an AED, you need the AED pads (one of the important AED accessories) to be touching the skin. This means that if there is heavy clothing in the way (or even thick chest hair), it will need to be removed. The Fast Response Kit has everything you need to respond properly and quickly to an emergency:

    • Hypoallergenic gloves (in case of hazardous materials)
    • Scissors (to remove clothing)
    • CPR breathing mask (if CPR is needed, this can be used to give breaths without direct contact)
    • Razor (to remove chest hair so that the AED pads can be properly applied)
    • Large absorbent paper towel

    This kit clips right onto your AED, so when emergencies occurs, it comes along with you!


    AED Sign - AED AccessoriesAED Signs

    Without knowing where an AED is located, precious time can be wasted searching for it – Time that a person suffering from a cardiac arrest does not have. One major way to avoid this is to inform everyone nearby of the AED location when it is first installed. Another way to identify the AED location is to use AED signs. These signs are installed on the walls above the AED, near the AED, and as a guide leading someone towards the AED. Having a sign that clearly identifies where an AED is located is what makes these important AED accessories a must!


    Now that you know about the AED accessories you need, are you set for an emergency? Be sure that you have all the ones you need to ensure that you can be fully prepared for any incident. Order your accessories from First Edition and ease your mind knowing that you are ready!

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