Newly installed PHILIPS AED saves pastor’s life

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Newly installed PHILIPS AED saves pastor’s life

This is such great news!
Another life saving story! This video is a must watch. A play by play of how saving a life can play out when you have an AED. So happy to hear that Diane Robinson is doing great and back in her community 🙂


“The church needs to be a safe place, and an AED can help it be a safe place” says Robinson.

“Do it, you cant put a price on a person’s life”…”Do it, get them into your buildings, get them into your offices, get them into your offices, get them into your schools…. get them into your synagogs, get them into your churches, you won’t be sorry you did.”


Just in time 😀

Read the full story here

Risks of living the high-rise life

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Risks of living the high-rise life


Yikes! The National Post just put out a new story on the risks of living the high-rise life.


Living above the third-floor drastically reduces your chances of surviving cardiac arrest, study suggests


That is certainly something to consider and also something that many people probably do not!


Here is an image taken from the original article that shows just how drastic the survival rate can be. It explains the fall in survival. “Locked front doors, missing concierges and agonizingly slow elevator times are contributing to some of the more obvious delays. But the odd elevator doesn’t even fit stretchers, said lead author Ian Drennan, a paramedic with York Region’s paramedic services and a researcher with Rescu, based at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. “So then you’re regulated to the stairs.”

Survival Rate in a high-rise


We encourage you to read the full article.

DONATION: Project Brock

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DONATION: Project Brock
Project Brock - Brock's Law

Project Brock – Brock’s Law

If you have not already heard, Project Brock is a foundation started by Kim Ruether, mother of Brock Ruether, with a mission to bring AED and cardiac arrest awareness and education to schools. You can read Brock’s full heartbreaking story and how it sparked a movement towards Heart Safe Schools and Project Brock on Alberta Health Services website


Project Brock’s mission is near and dear to our hearts here at First Edition and we want to do as much as we can to support the cause. We have recently donated 50 Heart and Stroke ‘friends and family’ mannequins to Kim Ruether of Project Brock to do our part in helping to promote heart-safe schools.

As a further effort we have donated 50 more Heart and Stroke ‘friends and family’ maniquins to Roselien Christensen of Safety For You in Red Deer. Safety For You not only supports Project Brock but also takes it’s own initiative to promote heart-safe school programs in Red Deer and area. But CPR is only half the battle when it comes to saving a life. So, we have also donated 52 miniature AED trainers for mass training in the schools so that what happened to Brock, an AED in the school that was not used when he collapsed, never happens again.

For more information on Project Brock please visit their facebook page and find out how you can educate your children.


News: Philips Guiding Cancer Care

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News: Philips Guiding Cancer Care

We are so excited about this news. Any improvements to cancer care certainly deserves its place on our blog. Philips is such a great company with their technology in so many different fields it is amazing to see them really focusing areas as important to this.

Advancements and focus like this reassures us that we are selling the right products and ensuring that our machines and the company that makes them will always be on the forefront of technology and putting people first. We woudn’t sell any other products.


Philips Youtube ‘about’

“See how Philips image-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) provides cancer therapy with fewer side effects and reduces the need for surgery at a hospital in Utrecht.

See our stories of how Philips innovations are improving peoples’ lives around the world at

At Philips, we’re here to deliver innovation that matters to you. Others may focus on what innovation does. We focus on what it does for you.

Learn more about Philips innovations at
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“Guiding cancer care with medical technology – Philips’ new approach to therapy” video transcript:
DR. CHRISTOPHER BUSCH: I think it’s fair to say that everybody will be affected by cancer one way or the other during his or her lifetime. I am a potential cancer patient.
MEREL HUISMAN: Up to 70% of patients with cancer will be facing bone metastasis.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: And at this point, it’s treated with radiation therapy. But only 60% of the patients is responding.
MEREL HUISMAN: The patients we see are in a lot of pain. The problems they have are with daily activities such as sleeping, walking, this pain can be really debilitating.
TITLE CARD: Guiding Cancer Care: Utrecht, The Netherlands
DR. CHRISTOPHER BUSCH: All big things start small, and they start somewhere. Why did this start in Utrecht? I think there is good history of Philips collaborating with Utrecht.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: This is the first technique which we have currently available in the world, which combines imaging MR with an ablation technique, high intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU, which is completely non-invasive.
MEREL HUISMAN: So no instruments whatsoever will go into the patient’s body. Without touching the patient, we can treat the patient. This is a very vulnerable patient population. And they really need every help they can get. I really want to give them the best treatment possible. I think it’s very important that, as opposed to cure, we also focus on care. So by managing their pain, you restore the patient’s quality of life. The patients we treat with bone metastasis are part of the research study and I hope for the future that we have established the treatment technique and be able to translate this to other institutes.
DR. MAURICE VAN DEN BOSCH: The shared goal is that we are convinced that we will be able to replace open surgery. If we have patients with cancer that don’t need to be treated anymore with the surgical scalpel, and leaving the day after treatment in a good clinical condition, that would be a really major shift in healthcare in cancer treatment.
MEREL HUISMAN: We’ve treated a male patient who had very painful bone metastasis because of his cancer and he really wanted to go work on his boat and sail with his wife, and because of the treatment with Philips at MR HIFU, he could do the things he wants to do again.”

NEWS: Snowshoer survives after longest CPR performed in North America

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NEWS: Snowshoer survives after longest CPR performed in North America

You know on medical shows when they are frantically performing a last ditch effort of rigorous CPR before someone pulls them off and says ‘they are gone’. Maybe they have been wrong? Maybe they were not ‘gone’.

Christine Newman saved after hours of CPR

Christine Newman saved after hours of CPR

BC snowshoer was found unconscious after falling into a tree well yesterday only to be discovered several hours later. Her rescuers performed CPR, taking turns when one got tired, until help came. Once in the care of emergency services CPR was continued. It is thought to be the longest duration of CPR with a positive outcome in North America and Christine Newman owes her life to it.

As a reminder, when doing CPR try to follow the theme of ‘Staying Alive’ to keep beat and always continue CPR until emergency services arrives and takes over.


For the full story visit:

NEWS: Dallas Stars’ Rich Peverley Has Cardiac Episode on Bench

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NEWS: Dallas Stars’ Rich Peverley Has Cardiac Episode on Bench

Dallas Stars’ Rich Peverley, who has had preexisting heart problems, faced his worst nightmare on Monday when he went into Cardiac arrest during a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It was due to quick thinking and the use of a defibrillator that he will be able to live out his days with his wife and excelling in his hockey career.

“We provided oxygen for him,” Salazar said. “We started an IV. We did chest compressions on him and defibrillated him, provided some electricity to bring a rhythm back to his heart, and that was successful with one attempt, which is very reassuring.” (National Post)

For the full story please see the National Post’s Article.


The support for defibrillators in arenas is growing and has become a Canada wide-initiative – but why stop there. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere. Sports are not the only contributors to cardiac arrest, stress and overall health are also leading risk factors.

Let’s work to get these life saving machines into all establishments where risk is high. This includes sports centers, schools, airports, and even your office.
Please call us toll free at 1-877-600-2644 or if you are calling from Calgary 403-243-2644 if you have any questions about these amazing devices.

NEWS: 2 Lives Saved in Saskatoon

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NEWS: 2 Lives Saved in Saskatoon

Great news!

Two lives were saved yesterday because of some quick thinking and the use of defibrillators – one was a Philips heartstart AED.

This is just another example of why AED’s are so important in arenas and other sport centers. Luckily for Canada, Steven Harper has approved the integration of defibrillators into every arena across the country. Please contact us for more information about this and why having an AED in your home and office is so important.



For the full story visit:

GREAT NEWS! Philips defibrillator used to save mans life in Edmonton Airport.

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CBC News


“Two airline crew members used a public defibrillator to save a passenger whose heart stopped at Edmonton International Airport on Wednesday.

The man collapsed around 3:45 p.m. after walking off a plane that had just arrived from Arizona.

WestJet flight attendant Guy Fournier heard an alarm in the U.S. arrivals area and noticed that a woman had opened one of the defibrillators on the wall.

”There was no time to think, “OK, should I do this? Is this right to do?’” Fournier recounted Thursday. “No. We’re trained to do this.”



Fournier ran over and determined the man was not breathing. A flight attendant from another airline pulled the defibrillator off the wall and brought it over.

“We administered a shock,” Fournier said. “The follow-up was, we had to do CPR, in between the shocks.”

After Fournier administered two breaths, the man started gasping for air and started to breathe on his own.

Shortly afterwards, EMS and firefighters arrived and everyone was escorted out of the area, leaving Fournier to wonder how the man was doing.

65 AEDs throughout the airport

Heather Hamilton, spokeswoman for Edmonton Airports, says the flight attendants’ actions saved the man’s life.

“That person would not have made it without that shock,” she said. ”So definitely a save for our defibrillators.”

Edmonton International Airport has 65 automated external defibrillators or AEDs throughout the terminals.

“We’ve had four saves since 2009, including this one,” said airport Fire Chief Burl Hamn.

Although Fournier and the other crew member are trained in CPR and defibrillator use, the AEDs talk people without any experience through the process.

“The thing tells you what to do,” he said. “Anybody could have used it.”

Fournier describes the experience as surreal, but he was happy to hear that the man and his family are doing well.

“I wish them a Happy Holidays and I wish them all the best,” Fournier said. “I’m so glad that they are doing well.””

NEWS – Defibrillators in schools

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NEWS – Defibrillators in schools

Global News – “Alberta mother raises defibrillator awareness in son’s memory”

Kim Ruether is making her rounds in Alberta schools and educating students on the purpose and use of defibrillators. She stresses that if you have an AED on site, you can act and help to save a life. Many people are uneducated on AED’s and, because movies and TV have spread false claims about who can get shocked, many fear them.

“No one can be harmed or hurt by an AED.”

“If you were to connect it up to me right now… you can try and connect that shock button all you want… the machine itself recognizes that I have a normal heart rhythm,” Mike Hoffman, with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, explains. “The AED itself will recognize a shockable rhythm; at that point [only] will it energize to deliver the shock.”


It is one thing for parents to be familiar with the devices for the home and workplace, but children are also capable of using and understanding defibrillators. There have been many cases where children have saved the lives of parents and grandparents using in-home defibrillators or those in public.


Please call us for a quote and to answer any questions you may have.