fr3 accessories bundle

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AED Trainer 3

Includes training pads III and Reusable interconnect

Remote for AED Trainer 3

FR3 Fast Response Kit

FR3 Primary Battery

Pads Sentry Insert for FR3 System Case

SMART Pads III – 1 Set

SMART Pads III – 5 Sets

FR3 Infant/Child Key

Training Pads III (Replacements)

Adult Placement Guide (Flat Man)

The Adult Placement Guide (Flat Man) allows the trainer to perform a simulation. This guide also demonstrates the proper pad placement.

Infant/Child Pad Placement Guide

The Infant/Child Placement Guide allows the trainer to perform a simulation, demonstrating the proper pad placement.

External Manikin Adaptor

The External Manikin Adaptor is applied across the chest of a manikin. This adaptor can be used with the Philips HeartStart OnSite, FR2, or FRx training system.

Package includes 5 manikin strips.

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