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First Edition AED is Canada’s Largest National Philips AED and AED Accessory Distributor. With partners across Canada and shipping locations in both Alberta and Ontario, we have continued to provide personalized and expert customer service, rapid fulfillment, and quality Philips AED products for over 15 years.

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We have qualified, friendly, knowledgable staff available to answer any questions you have about making a purchase, troubleshooting, renting an AED for your event, or signing up for a First Aid Course. Please choose the appropriate form below.

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We have built our company around the most reputable names in the safety industry. As a national Canadian Philips AED distributor and Red Cross First Aid and CPR Training instructors, we offer the best skills and highest-quality devices to save a life.


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Does a Heart Murmur Mean Heart Disease?

Heart murmur. The term alone can spark concern and questions about heart health.    When diagnosed with a heart murmur, it’s common to wonder if it signals something more serious, like heart disease. This article aims to provide clear (and reassuring) information about the nature of heart murmurs and their relationship with heart health.  …

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AED Safety: Can They Be Used on Any Age?

When a defibrillator is required, a common question arises in the moment: Can AEDs be used safely and effectively on any age? This concern is particularly crucial when dealing with vulnerable populations like infants.    In this article, we’ll cover AED safety and effectiveness, special considerations, and guidelines for the correct and safe use of…

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Are All AED Pads the Same?

In defibrillators, every detail matters, and a critical component of this equipment is the AED pads.   But are all AED pads the same? In an emergency where every second counts, having the right pads on hand can help save a life.    In this article, we will discuss the differences between basic types of…

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