Our mission is to create safe environments for Canadians to go about their day knowing there is an AED nearby that could potentially save their life should they have a cardiac emergency, no matter where they are. But Canada is a big place, and we can’t do it alone!

Our affiliate program helps us spread heart-safety coast to coast with the help of fellow Canadians like yourself.

As an affiliate, you make $100 for every AED that is purchased on our website through your affiliate link.

Here's how it works

flowchart of affiliate sales

1. Registration

You register below to become an affiliate

2. Get Your Link

Once approved, we set you up with your own individual affiliate link and login for your affiliate dashboard (where you can see a tally of your commissions and other profile information).

3. Share Your Link

You share your affiliate link directly with someone who you know is looking for an AED, or spread it far and wide on social media and email to encourage people to consider purchasing an AED for their homes, offices, RV’s, boats, etc!

4. Get Credited!

When someone clicks your link, our site tracks them through their customer journey. Even if they don’t buy right away, if they buy an AED within one year that purchase gets affiliated to you! When they have successfully purchased their AED, $100 gets added to your dashboard.

5. Get paid monthly

At the end of the month, we send you an etransfer or check for all commissions you earned that month on the sale of AED’s.

(note that the referral program is $100 on AED’s only – no commission is earned for AED accessories or other products)

calendar graphic

That’s it!

See how you didn’t have to do any customer management, send us their name, make sure they mention your name, or worry about any shipping? We take care of all of that for you.

When someone clicks your link, your part is done. We work with that client directly to make sure their AED is shipped out in a timely manner, and they have a positive customer experience. We are also available for them to contact with any questions post-purchase – without you needing to be involved at all.

You make money, the customer has a wonderful experience, and Canada becomes a safer place!