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You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers and some amazing tips to keep you safe and healthy. This blog is designed to keep you up to date on first aid and AED facts. You’ll learn how to prepare for a workplace emergency and how to create a disaster program for your workplace. You’ll also learn about the importance of knowing first aid and what you’ll learn in first aid training. There is even a handy post on how to make a first aid kit using simple household items.


If you’re wondering “which AED is right for me?” We have posts explaining the difference between AED brands, AED product comparisons, 5 things to know when purchasing an AED, and the cost of AEDs.

These posts, written by a cardiac health expert, will help take the fear out of using an AED and instill knowledge and confidence so that you can be ready in an emergency situation.

Our focus is to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, that’s why you’ll also find an array of postings on healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles, exercising, heart health, environmental issues, and other tips to keep you safe. Be sure to follow us or check in regularly to keep up to date and take your health to heart.

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Heart Healthy Snacks to Keep You on Track for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Heart Healthy Snacks to Keep You on Track for Your New Year's Resolutions! It is with the coming of a new year that we can take a fresh stance on what we would like to achieve. Are you hoping to slim down a few pounds? Create better meal plans? Eat healthier for your heart? Whatever...

Fitness for Heart Health – How are They Connected, (and What You Need to Watch For!)

Fitness for Heart Health - How are They Connected, (and What You Need to Watch For!) The new year has arrived and… the time for fitness EVERYTHING is here too! It is at the start of a brand-new year that we truly begin to review our past and assess what we want to change for...

New Year, New You – Tips to Living a More Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Out with the old, in with the new! As we celebrate the start of 2020, we also begin thinking about the infamous new year’s resolution lists that we all make - but do we actually follow them? Does the list include living a more heart healthy lifestyle? The start of a new year is the...

Heartwarming Charity – New Beginnings Support Program

Heartwarming Charity – New Beginnings Support Program As a new year begins, we spend time thinking about the new things we would like to see in our own lives. How we want to get into better shape, how we want to get that raise we’ve been aching for, and how a nicer car is definitely...

Drinking Alcohol and Heart Health – Are They Connected?

We’ve all heard the claims that drinking a little alcohol each day is beneficial to your health. But is there truth in that statement? According to John Hopkins Medicine, some studies support the idea that moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk of dying from heart disease. However, on the flip side, drinking excessively can contribute...