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You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers and some amazing tips to keep you safe and healthy. This blog is designed to keep you up to date on first aid and AED facts. You’ll learn how to prepare for a workplace emergency and how to create a disaster program for your workplace. You’ll also learn about the importance of knowing first aid and what you’ll learn in first aid training. There is even a handy post on how to make a first aid kit using simple household items.


If you’re wondering “which AED is right for me?” We have posts explaining the difference between AED brands, AED product comparisons, 5 things to know when purchasing an AED, and the cost of AEDs.

These posts, written by a cardiac health expert, will help take the fear out of using an AED and instill knowledge and confidence so that you can be ready in an emergency situation.

Our focus is to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, that’s why you’ll also find an array of postings on healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles, exercising, heart health, environmental issues, and other tips to keep you safe. Be sure to follow us or check in regularly to keep up to date and take your health to heart.

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The Impact of Sports and Physical Activity on Heart Health – Is There a Connection?

Major cardiac events are often brought to our attention via media in relation to sports and physical activity, such as that of Jay Bouwmeester - the NHL Player who collapsed from a cardiac episode earlier this year. Though sudden death in people younger than 35 and those who are seemingly healthy is rare, participating in...

Heartwarming Charity – Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation

Heartwarming Charity – Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation For Canada’s young patients, a child-friendly, family-centred environment is one of the keys to recovery and important for the emotional and mental well-being of sick children. Since 2006, The Alberta Children’s Hospital has been providing advanced pediatric care to patients from newborn to age 17. Each year, the...

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)? What to do When Someone Goes into SCA

When a person experiences a heart episode it can be very frightening. It can be even more frightening if you’re there with someone who experiences a heart episode. Would you know the difference between a person who goes into Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) versus someone who’s having a heart attack? If someone goes into SCA...

Types of Belly Fat and How it Affects Your Heart

There are many different types of body shapes and sizes - and all are beautiful. No matter what your shape is, from pear to apple to hourglass, it is important to know the risks you may face as certain types of fat can affect your heart. Research suggests that fat located deep within the abdomen...

What Comes with an AED? – AED Accessories

What Comes with an AED – AED Accessories  When it comes to saving a life with an AED, everything you require should be in one simple, convenient location. Of course, you need your AED itself, but what AED accessories do you actually need to be able to save a life? Are there accessories that make...