You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers and some amazing tips to keep you safe and healthy. This blog is designed to keep you up to date on first aid and AED facts. You’ll learn how to prepare for a workplace emergency and how to create a disaster program for your workplace. You’ll also learn about the importance of knowing first aid and what you’ll learn in first aid training. There is even a handy post on how to make a first aid kit using simple household items.


If you’re wondering “which AED is right for me?” We have posts explaining the difference between AED brands, AED product comparisons, 5 things to know when purchasing an AED, and the cost of AEDs.

These posts, written by a cardiac health expert, will help take the fear out of using an AED and instill knowledge and confidence so that you can be ready in an emergency situation.

Our focus is to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, that’s why you’ll also find an array of postings on healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles, exercising, heart health, environmental issues, and other tips to keep you safe. Be sure to follow us or check in regularly to keep up to date and take your health to heart.

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A Heart Disease Diagnosis – Foods to Avoid

A Heart Disease Diagnosis – Foods to Avoid There is a saying, “you are what you eat.” So if you eat unhealthy foods, you are probably unhealthy, inside and out. The foods we put in our bodies have a direct impact on our overall health, particularly heart health. A diet high in sodium, trans fats…

Heartwarming Charity – Mending Little Hearts

1 in 100 children are born with a congenital heart defect in Canada and about 90% of these children survive until adulthood. Living with a heart condition and watching your child live with a heart condition is challenging for the whole family. That is why Saskatchewan parents of children living with heart conditions developed the…

First Aid for Children and Childcare Providers – Be Prepared, Save a Life

First Aid for Children and Childcare Providers Fact – first aid saves lives. First aid training in Canada is not just for adults and childcare providers but also for children. By empowering children to help in emergency situations, they grow up to be more empathetic and prepared in crisis situations. Thanks to our school initiative,…

Heart Healthy Easter Recipes

Healthy eating is an important part of managing heart disease. With Easter coming up, deciding on a heart healthy menu can be overwhelming. While you may instantly think of chocolate eggs and turkey, a traditional Easter meal can include lighter (and heart healthy) foods and ingredients that typically celebrate Spring, such as fish, lamb, and…

Why Every RV and Trailer Should have an AED: The Benefits of Traveling with a Defibrillator

Camping is a fun activity, and one that often comes with quite a bit of preparation: Sleeping bags, pillows, food, drinks, camping stove, firewood, camping chairs… the list goes on! But what about safety supplies? Do you have a first aid kit and AED packed? Having an AED in your trailer or RV is highly…