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Heartwarming Charity – AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society)

Heartwarming Charity – AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society)

One of our new blog features will take a moment to recognize and bring awareness to a heartwarming charity. There are so many amazing and wonderful charities out there that deserve recognition, and we want to acknowledge how they warm our hearts.

This month we want to recognize AARCS – the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.

About this Charity: 

“In Alberta, thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrendous conditions. We work closely with rural and First Nations communities where there is limited to no animal services.” – AARCS

AARCS strives to provide health and home to animals in need – both dogs and cats (domestic and rural). Through their program, they work to:

  1. Rescue
    Working with the First Nation communities and the rural area, AARCS seeks out animals in need. These may be from unfortunate backgrounds or circumstances, and AARCS works to bring these animals in and help them until they are ready to be loved by a new family.
  2. Rehabilitate
    Because the animals are coming from a variety of different situations and environments, many need medical assistance before finding a forever home. AARCS has a veterinarian hospital that works to rehabilitate these animals so they have an improved quality of life. AARCS works to get these dogs and cats back on their feet and ready to find a family!
  3. Re-Home
    Through AARCS, adoption of these rescued animals is possible. All available animals for adoption are posted on the site, and applications can be filled to apply for each animal.


Upcoming AARCS Events:

Mutt’s Meows & Martinis

Mutts Meows Martinis - AARCS Event

Date: November 18, 2017 @ 7:30pm

Location: Vagabond Calgary

About the Event:

Do you want to support the animals and have a good time doing it? AARCS is hosting “Mutt’s, Meows & Martinis” at Vagabond Calgary this year in order to raise funds for the organization. The event will include food, drinks (beer and wine tasting), and opportunities to win prizes! Tickets are $40 (or 2 tickets for $70).


AARCS Holiday Wreath Campaign

Date: N/A

Location: Online Purchases

About the Campaign:

If you would like to support AARCS further, the 2017 Holiday Wreath Campaign is a fun way to support a good cause and celebrate the season. Purchase a fresh wreath either 22” ($50) or 32” ($70). All funds raised through this campaign will go directly to AARCS to help pay for vet bills and other fees required to help the animals. You will have a beautiful wreath to add to your holiday décor as well as the knowledge that you supported a heartwarming cause.


How to Get Involved:

There are a number of ways you can get involved with AARCS, including:

  • Volunteer with AARCS
  • Foster an Animal
  • Donate Funds to Further the Cause
  • Adopt an Animal into your Family


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

AARCS is a Heartwarming Charity for the amazing things they do to help animals find their forever homes and receive the love and care that they deserve. We are able to help the animals, and in return, they help us! In particular, having a pet at home will even improve your heart health:

  • Studies have shown that having an animal in the household decreases stress.
    • Less stress will decrease your risk of heart disease.
  • Having an animal (mainly a dog), is likely to increase your activity rate.
    • An increase in activity and exercise will strengthen your heart!
  • Having a pet in your life is likely to lead to increased happiness.
    • When you are happier in life, studies have suggested that it may decrease your blood pressure and lower your heart rate – resulting in a decreased risk of heart disease.


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support AARCS for the wonderful work they do to ensure that pets get a happy home!






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