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Heartwarming Charity – Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada

Heartwarming Charity – Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada

For the month of December, we want to recognize a charity that warms our hearts. One that, despite the cold, will give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. What better way to do this than select a charity that is all about the heart! The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is one that deserves recognition for the hard work they do to support those who have suffered from heart-related incidents or strokes. Take a look at what this amazing charity is all about!


About this Charity:

“For over 60 years, Heart & Stroke has been dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Our work has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others.”
– The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

The Heart and Stroke Foundation strives to provide awareness and support to those with heart or stroke experiences. Through their organization, they work to:

  1. Create Awareness
    Most people are unaware of how to help their heart. In fact, many people may be at risk for heart disease due to their lifestyles. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is striving to build awareness of heart disease and stroke and aims to prevent it.
  2. Support
    The Heart and Stroke Foundation works to support those who have experienced a heart-related incident or stroke, as well as support their loved ones. There are a number of groups on their website that share updated and new information. Ensuring that everyone has the resources they need!
  3. Raise Funds
    Through numerous donations and charity events, the Heart and Stroke Foundation aims to raise funds to go towards life-saving research. This research works to assist in preventing heart and stroke related incidents and decrease the number of individuals who have suffered from these issues.


Upcoming Heart and Stroke Foundation Events:

Ski for Heart Event - Heart and Stroke Foundaiton

Ski For Heart

Date: January 19-20, 2018

Location: Lake Louise, Alberta

About the Event:

Do you love to ski and be out in the snow? Well now is your chance to ski and bring awareness to the heart as well! Taking place in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta, anyone can participate by registering online! Once registered, you set a goal of raising a minimum of $500 for this amazing cause and by doing so you will receive a special rate at the Chateau Lake Louise. Once the day comes around, spend the evening of the 19th celebrating your wonderful achievements. Then on the 20th, have tons of fun with family and friends doing a number of different activities set up for you. Activities include snowshoeing, skiing, cozying up in a cabin with hot chocolate, skating, and ice castles! This is a fundraising event you will not want to miss out on!


How to Get Involved:

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, including:

  • Volunteer with the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Participate in Heart and Stroke Foundation events
  • Donate Funds to Further the Cause (Monthly giving plans are available)
  • Advocate for the Foundation
  • Learn CPR and know how to save lives when emergencies occur


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a Heartwarming Charity for the amazing things they do to support individuals who have experienced a heart incident or stroke. When we are aware of the heart we benefit! We benefit by:

  • Knowing how to take care of your heart can reduce your risk of heart disease.
    • Eat healthier, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Being trained in CPR can save lives
    • Take a CPR and First Aid class and become certified so you are confidant you can help in an emergency


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the wonderful work they do to ensure people are aware of the importance of our blood-pumpers!





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