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5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Buy an AED for the Office

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Buy an AED for the Office

Emergencies occur anywhere – even the office. The best employers care about their employee’s health, and that doesn’t stop at a health care spending account and ergonomic chairs. The person you work with daily could suddenly suffer from a cardiac arrest and collapse. It is a scary truth, and it is this reason that we need more AEDs accessible to everyone! Having an AED nearby can double the chances of survival, so if your co-worker went down, you have a better chance to save their life! When you buy an AED, it could be the difference between a stopped heart and a beating heart.

You may not be the person in charge of making the office purchase decisions, but you know who is! Speak with your boss, office manager, or company leader and explain why you need an AED in your office. Not sure how to convince them of this life-saving purchase? Here are 5 ways to convince your boss to buy an AED for your office!


1. Show Them the Statistics

The statistics are scary. In the United States alone, less than 10% of cardiac arrest victims will survive. The reason? The inaccessibility and lack of knowledge about AEDs. In Canada, it is not mandatory that an AED be provided in a building, therefore, many people do not even know what an AED is! It is found by the American Heart Association that 64% of Americans have never even seen an AED.

This device can be life-saving and needs to be understood by everyone! According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, each minute that passes without receiving shocks from an AED, drops the survival rate 7-10%. Each minute! When AEDs are accessible and shocks are administered, the survival rate increases drastically! Share this information with your boss and express that lives are at stake!


2. Explain How an AED Works

AED - Buy an AED for the Office

Because many people do not know what an AED is, they have a harder time justifying the purchase. On the other hand, when people are clear about how a defibrillator works and they understand exactly how it can save a life, they are more likely to see the necessity for it. Sit down with your boss, and watch a few informational videos of:

  • How an AED works (automated instructions, analyzing for shock, administers shocks)
  • How to use an AED (buttons, attaching pads)
  • What an AED does (instructs you when to administer shocks and when to perform CPR)

The more information they have on the subject, the more likely they are going to feel confident when they buy an AED.

3. Bring ‘First Edition First Aid’ for a Demo

Another way to convince your boss to buy an AED for the office, is to give them a first-hand experience of how to use it. First Edition First Aid offers free consultations and demonstrations for AEDs. If your boss is playing with the idea, give First Edition a call and we can bring a demo AED in for your boss and the staff to try. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable using one these machines. When people get a chance to try it for themselves, they can feel more confident in the usage and the purpose of the machine.

If you would like to try out an AED, contact First Edition at info@firsteditionfirstaid.ca or call us at 403-243-2644 (or toll free at 1-877-600-2644). Contact us today and feel confident about purchasing the Philips AED!


4. Sign Up Your Office for a ‘Lunch and Learn’

Maybe to convince your boss to purchase an AED for the office, you need to also convince the staff. Sign your team up for a ‘Lunch and Learn!’ This is a wonderful way to go over the statistics, get an AED demo, and explain just how crucial these life-saving machines are. Set up a presentation yourself, or bring in First Edition! We would be more than happy to come in and give demonstrations as well as answer any questions. Doing this will increase awareness and reduce any fears that people may have. You bring the lunch, we will bring the material!


5. Begin by Getting the Office First Aid Certified

If your boss is not yet convinced of the need for an AED in your office, consider requesting another preparative measure! Ask for the office staff to get first aid certified! This way, even if an AED is not in the office yet, the staff will know how to respond to an emergency. This can help increase the survival rate if everyone in the office knows how to do CPR and basic first aid. It is important to be prepared for an emergency, so having the basic first aid knowledge can prevent and assist with a number of office emergencies! Plus, after a first aid course it is impossible to not see the value in an AED.


Want to sign up for our First Aid Classes? First Edition offers ‘Emergency First Aid’, ‘Standard First Aid’ classes, as well as ‘CPR and AED’ training programs for businesses at their own location. Just have a few people needing to sign up? Check out our course calendar for the next available course for you!

First Aid Certified - Buy an AED for the OfficeUse these methods to explain the importance of having an AED around to your boss. You know that once they buy an AED, it will be the best decision they ever made!