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Unique Gift Idea: The Gift of a Life

Unique Gift Idea: The Gift of a Life

You may be asking yourself, what could be the best gift to give someone this year. Money is always appreciated, and new electronics and gadgets are forever greeted with delight. But, what about those who have everything already? You need a unique gift idea that will blow them away. What could be an amazing and meaningful gift to get that individual? What about the gift of a life?

There is nothing more precious and valuable than life itself. We often take it for granted in our busy lives, but when it comes down to it, a life is the most ‘expensive’ thing we have! So, why not get that hard-to-shop-for individual the gift of a life! How you may ask? Take a look at this amazing unique gift idea that is good for any individual!


The Gift of Life – an AED

An AED is a life-saving gift. This unique gift idea is perfect for anyone – those who have a cabin in the woods, aging parents, truck drivers, or even a stay at home parent! Having this machine nearby will more than double the chance of survival in a heart-related incident. Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and Canada. This means that with the addition of another AED iAED - Unique Gift Idean the community/building/city, the survival rate of those around you also increases.


Why an AED?

It may not be the most common gift, and it is one that will make an impact. In Canada, AEDs are not mandatory in any building or workplace, so giving someone this machine can improve the safety of those around it where people may not have been safe before. The AED you buy for them could be just the thing to save another’s life, if not your very own. Everyone has a heart – women, men, children, elders – everyone! And, the scary thing is that anyone can experience a heart-related event. Age or gender is not a determining factor. Anyone and everyone could be at risk for a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Of course, lifestyle, diet, and environment can have an impact to decrease the risk, but it is still a risk for all. Having an AED nearby can be just the thing to save any individual! Administering the shocks will put the heart back into normal rhythm and offer the gift of life!


Unique Gift Idea - Group Gift

The Perfect Group Gift

Of course, an AED may be a bit out of the budget, so why not pitch in as a family or group to get this unique gift? This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and purchase a meaningful gift for someone you love. For those with aging parents who may be at higher risk of heart disease, an AED could be just the thing to save their own life. And in the end, that is the best gift you could give someone!


So, if you are still looking for a gift for that hard-to-shop-for individual, then consider purchasing an AED! First Edition First Aid Training now has the ‘Build Your Own AED’ option that allows you to customize an AED package perfect for the person you are gifting it to! Contact us today and order your AED! It is the perfect unique gift idea that is also the gift of a life! <3