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Heartwarming Charity – Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Heartwarming Charity – Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

A new year means a new heartwarming charity! For the month of January, we want to give a shout out to a Toronto foundation who is in it totally for the heart! An organization that is accomplishing large strides to bring awareness to the heart and fundraise money for research, assistance, and education. Our featured heartwarming charity of the month is the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada!


About this Charity:

The newly re-branded Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting cardiac rehabilitation and the advocacy of prevention and education across Canada.”
– Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is working to bring the heart to everyone’s attention. This fantastic foundation is working to:

  1. Educate
    The primary goal of the Cardiac Health Foundation is to bring awareness and educate the public on heart issues. The foundation has 8 different scholarships, they offer free public lectures, as well as sponsor the annual Terry Kavanagh Lecture.
  1. Prevent
    Using education as well as a dynamic interactive website, the Cardiac Health Foundation strives to ensure that the public is aware of news and updates within the heart health realm. With educating the public, it is hoped that heart health will improve through awareness and preventative measures.
  2. Raise Funds
    Through numerous donations, sponsors, and ‘Walk of Life’ charity events, the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada has raised roughly $11 million dollars to go towards a number of heart related causes. These causes include scholarships, educational programs, public awareness, and funding for facilities, research, and equipment as stated by their website.


Upcoming Cardiac Health Foundation Events:

Walk of Life

Walk of Life - Cardiac Health Foundation

Date: May 26, 2018
Location: TBA
About the Event:
          Join Canadians in preventing and recovering from heart disease! Heart disease can affect anyone, and that is why the Walk of Life event occurs every year. This heartwarming event works to bring awareness to heart health problems. You have the option to walk 1, 3, or 5kms, or run 5 or 10kms! Participate with the whole family at this engaging event and support the heart!


How to Get Involved:

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, including:

  • Donating (individually or planned giving options available)
  • Sponsorship
  • Joining the Walk of Life
  • Creating your own walk
  • Volunteering


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is bringing the importance of the heart to our attention. Through their drive to support, educate, and assist, Canadians are learning to live healthier and safer lives. We benefit by:

  • Understanding the different heart health issues and learning how to prevent them.
    • Living a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and a healthier diet.
  • Encouraging public education on heart health.
    • Educating those of all ages to live healthier lives and protect our hearts!


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada for their hard work. We are so thankful that heart protection is being encouraged by this foundation and hope that together, we can make our world a healthier place!