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#FindAnAED Campaign – What is it and why AED Awareness is Important!

FindAnAED - AED Awareness

#FindAnAED Campaign – What is it and why AED Awareness is Important!

As you probably already know, an AED can more than double the chances of survival when someone suffers a cardiac arrest. Having AED awareness and knowing where an AED is located is half the battle. In order for an AED to save a life, we need to know where they are, and – frankly – most people don’t. If you think about it, how many AEDs do you see from when you leave the house in the morning, to when you are leaving work at the end of the day? Chances are you will say zero. That is why it is all the more important to create AED awareness and know where defibrillators are located near you! It is for this reason that First Edition First Aid Training Inc. created the campaign #FindAnAED. Here is your guide to the #FindAnAED campaign, what it is, and why we need it!


What is the #FindAnAED Campaign?

AEDs can be located anywhere: in an office, at a hockey arena, in the mall, but they are not mandatory. Most times people don’t actually know where to begin to find these AEDs (or even what they are). Take a look at this video done by Today, where they tested people’s AED awareness in a gym, asking them to find the nearest AED:

Everyone in the video had a difficult time locating an AED under fictional circumstances. By the time some of them located the AED, the patient would have already died. Every minute wasted searching for an AED is precious time for a person in need. Every second is an increase in the potential for permanent brain damage, and another step closer to death. The #FindAnAED Campaign works to help people become aware of where AEDs are found and get them thinking about where they could grab one if they needed to on their daily commute. It is important that we begin to acknowledge these locations and make others aware of them too!

Once an AED is found, we encourage people to share their find! Using the hashtag #AEDFound on their social media pages with a photo of the AED, will help show others where AEDs can be found! This is a campaign that will save a lot of lives and encourage everyone to be prepared!


Why is the #FindAnAED Campaign Important for AED Awareness?

Did you know that heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada? Because heart disease is so common, it is all the more important that we take action to save the lives of those affected. Heart disease can come in a number of different forms, two of these common problems are heart attacks and cardiac arrest.

First Edition wants to increase the survival rate of cardiac arrest through AED awareness and preparedness. The more we look around for AEDs, the quicker we can respond to heart-related emergencies. We can use our knowledge of AED locations to retrieve one quickly and help a patient receive the shocks they need to survive.


What is Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest is a very serious emergency that occurs when the heart no longer beats normally. Instead the heart beats in an unsynchronized rhythm and is unable to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body. It is for this reason that a person experiencing a cardiac arrest will become unconscious. This is where an AED is needed to ‘shock’ the heart into beating normally once more. Without an AED a patient may die.


How to Get Involved in the #FindAnAED Campaign Works and Create AED Awareness

One of the easiest ways you can participate is by keeping your eyes open! As you carry on in your daily routine, be on the lookout for AED’s. Whether you are at work, school, in public places such as malls and grocery stores, and everywhere else you go, there should be one. Begin to take note of these locations and create a broader AED awareness for yourself and those around you.

How do you create awareness for those around you? Once you ‘#FindAnAED,’:

  1. Snap a photo (a selfie with the AED is the best. We love a good ‘thumbs up’)
  2. Post it to social media (facebook, twitter, instagram)
    1. Make sure the post is public (facebook) so that we, and others, can see it
  3. ‘Check In’ to where it is located so others know where it can be found
  4. Use the hashtag #AEDFound in the content
  5. Tag First Edition @FirstEditionAED (facebook, twitter)
  6. Post!
  7. Search #AEDFound to see where other’s have found AED’s

Why not participate in the #FindAnAED campaign with others? Get your team involved or make finding an AED a fun activity to do with the whole family while you are out and about! Anyone and everyone can use an AED – it is a device that is simple to use and will assist you throughout the process of an emergency. There is no need to be afraid of wondering when an emergency occurs, all that matters is whether or not you are prepared.


Want to take it one step further and really save lives?

Download the PulsePoint AED app and upload the location of the AED you have found. It’s easy!

  1. Open the app (if your location settings are turned on it will automatically note your location)
  2. Upload a photo of the AED
  3. Type simple instructions/description on how to find the AED at that location
  4. Encourage your friends to do the same!


The more often you share locations of AEDs, the more awareness is spread! As you begin to find more AEDs, you will become more comfortable and feel more prepared and safe if an emergency were to happen. Want to get more prepared? Sign up for a First Aid Course and relieve the fear of not knowing what to do. Once you have the skills to save a life, it will not be so daunting!