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Heartwarming Work – GoodSAM

Heartwarming Work Blog Image - GoodSAM

Heartwarming Work – GoodSAM

The team at First Edition First Aid Training is always looking for new and improved ways to increase AED awareness. That is why we created an AED awareness campaign called #FindAnAED to improve public safety and preparedness. In addition to this, we are excited about another heartwarming opportunity called GoodSAM – an app that stands for ‘Smartphone Activated Medics’. Check out how this app is making a big difference in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand!


About this Work: 

Good SAM is a community of Good Samaritans, happy to assist if they are the closest person to an emergency. Many are off duty doctors, nurses, paramedics and other members of the emergency services. They are trained in first aid and may have additional skills. They can maintain an airway, help stop bleeding and if necessary help perform lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

– GoodSAM

GoodSAM offers an in-depth app that aims at providing assistance to those in need. This work is striving to “save lives through technology” with the use of the notification and identification app (as well as the separate Responder App and Alerter App). Using this platform, the company hopes to help by:

  • Creating Awareness
    Over 19,000 volunteers and 40,000 trained and trusted responders are registered, and the app is working towards building up that number even more! The GoodSAM app offers a new and innovative way to stay prepared and offer immediate assistance when heart health is at risk. The more people that download the app, the more aware the public will be about nearby AED locations and responders.
  • Support
    The GoodSAM app is all about providing support. By connecting to thousands of trained and certified professionals, as well as volunteers, getting immediate assistance is possible. As stated on the website, “You’ll be alerted when you are in the immediate vicinity of a cardiac arrest, so that you can start CPR or basic first aid in the critical minutes before the emergency services arrive.” Every time someone downloads the app, the chances of survival will increase for those who may experience a heart-related incident.

How the App Works:

The GoodSAM app is currently only useable in some countries, but the concept is similar to that of PulsePoint. The app uses a map-like layout to identify the locations of nearby AEDs as well as trained and certified responders that can assist in an emergency. Using alerts and notifications, certified individuals will be informed of nearby situations that require assistance, and give them a map-view of how to get there quickly. The GoodSAM app has the additional following features:

  • AED Registry
  • Patient Report Forms
  • Instant Video
  • AED Tracker
  • Built in “Push to Talk” Radio


How to Get Involved:

The app is currently only available in eastern countries, and is not yet set up for use in Canada. Although you may not be able to download the GoodSAM app at the moment, there are other ways you can personally get involved to increase AED awareness. Here is how you can help:

  • Spread the Word (the more noise made about apps like these, the more likelihood of getting them all around the world)
  • Sign up for the Newsletter
  • Keep an eye out for AEDs and participate in the #FindAnAED campaign by:
    • Snapping a photo with an AEDAEDFOUND Postcard front
    • Posting it to social media (make it public)
    • Checking in and using the hashtag #AEDFound
    • Tagging @FirstEditionAED
    • And Sharing with your followers!
  • Get First Aid Training so you can jump into action with confidence if an emergency occurs – wherever, whenever.


Why This Work is Heartwarming:

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death and aside from CPR, an AED is one of the only things that can truly make a difference in the here-and-now. This work is heartwarming because it offers the following:

  • Creates opportunity for responders to help out in emergencies nearby
    • If an emergency occurs and no one nearby knows how to help, it could be too long before medical assistance can arrive. With the help of apps like GoodSAM, nearby individuals can be alerted to come to the aid of others.
  • Increases AED awareness
    • In order for this app and other AED awareness campaigns to work, it requires the help of the public. When involved, the public will become more aware and will continue looking for locations that have an AED so they can share them with others. When we are aware of these AED spots, we have the knowledge to stay prepared and help out!


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the GoodSAM Apps for their work in providing opportunities to help in cardiac arrest emergencies. Create further AED awareness and speak to locations near you to see about getting an AED installed. Together, let’s create further AED awareness and increase public safety!