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Calgary AED Locations – Where to Find an AED in YYC!

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Calgary AED Locations – Where to Find an AED in YYC!

Imagine you are running errands around Calgary, when suddenly the person beside you falls to the floor from cardiac arrest. Calgary AED Locations - All CalgaryYou shout for help, call 911, and begin CPR – but where is the nearest AED? If you are unable to find one then the patient’s likelihood of survival just got cut in half. Simply knowing where AED locations are and using a defibrillator will more than double a person’s chance to live.

One of the ways we can increase public safety is to increase access to these life-saving devices. Purchasing one for your home, speaking to your boss about getting one in the office, or renting one for your next event will boost the availability of AEDs. When an AED is around, the safety of everyone is amplified. In addition to adding AEDs to new locations, another way to help is to be aware! Know where the closest defibrillators are in your area so that if an emergency does occur, you know exactly where to go to get a life-saving device. Do you live in Calgary? Take a look at these Calgary AED locations (supplied by First Edition), and have the knowledge to save a life!


Northeast Calgary AED Locations

  • Alamo Industries – 6th Street NE
  • Autism Calgary Association – 26th Street NE
  • Bishop McNally High School – Falconridge Boulevard NE
  • Peter Lougheed School (CBE) – Saddletree Close NE
  • Nelson Mandela High School (CBE) – Saddletowne Circle NE
  • Saint Rose of Lima Junior High School – 50th Street NE
  • Saint Alphonsus School – Radnor Avenue NE
  • Saint John XXIII School – Falconridge Drive NENE Calgary AED Locations
  • Apostles of Jesus School – Skyview Ranch Boulevard NE
  • Father Scollen Catholic School – Temple Drive NE
  • Ascension of Our Lord School – Harvest Hills Drive NE
  • Calgary Motor Product – 36th Street NE
  • Saint Paul Centre – 24th Avenue NE
  • CDI Spaces – 8th Street NE
  • Columbia College – Manning Road NE
  • Coral Springs Residents Association – Coral Springs Boulevard NE
  • CSM Interiors – 25th Street NE
  • Finning Canada – 11th Street NE
  • Fit Republic – McPherson Road NE
  • Light of Christ School – Saddlehorn Drive NE
  • Loomis Express – 15th Street NE
  • Mayfair Diagnostics – Country Village Road NE
  • Notre Dame High School – Country Village Link NE
  • Novatel Inc. – 14th Street NE
  • Polaris Engineering Ltd – 29th Avenue NE
  • Prince of Faith Lutheran Church – 56th Street NE
  • Skyservice – Palmer Road NE
  • Saint Martha School – 4th Avenue NE
  • Sunwest Aviation – Aero Court NE
  • Uponor – 25th Street NE
  • Westjet – Aerial Place NE
  • YMCA Saddletowne – Falconridge Boulevard NE


Northwest Calgary AED Locations

  • Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures – 33rd Street NW
  • Buffalo Rubbing Stone School (CBE) – Panatella Boulevard NW
  • Saint Joseph Elementary Junior High School – 5th Street NW
  • Saint Ambrose School – Arbour Lake Road NW
  • Our Lady of Assumption School – 34th Avenue NW
  • Our Lady of Grace School – Evanston Drive NW
  • Saint Brigid School – Citadel Way NWNW Calgary AED locations
  • Saint Vincent De Paul School – 49th Street NW
  • Saint Margaret Elementary Junior High School – Carol Drive NW
  • Saint John Reception Centre – 12th Street NW
  • Docere Wellness Centre – Ranchview Drive NW
  • Hawkwood Baptist Church – Hawkwood Drive NW
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation – 14th Street NW
  • Rosedale Hospice – 7a Street NW
  • Madeleine D’Houet School – 22nd Street NW
  • Shephard Health – Kensington Road NW
  • Saint Basil Elementary and Junior High School – Tuscany Drive NW
  • Saint Elizabeth Seton School – Hidden Valley Drive NW
  • Saint Francis High School – Northmount Drive NW
  • Saint Helena School – 64th Avenue NW
  • Saint Jean Brebeuf School – Northland Drive NW
  • Tao of Peace Martial Arts & Life Skills – Bowness Road NW
  • University of Calgary – University Drive NW
  • University of Calgary Aquatic Centre – University Drive NW
  • West Hillhurst Community Association – 6th Avenue NW
  • Wood’s Homes – 37th Street NW


Downtown Calgary AED Locations

  • YMCA Eau Claire – 3rd Street SW
  • Peyto Exploration & Development Corp – 3rd Avenue SW
  • Crew Energy Inc. – 5th Street SW
  • Transglobe Energy Corporation – 5th Street SW
  • Devon Canada Corporation – 3rd Avenue SW
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd. – 2nd Street SW
  • Veresen – 3rd Avenue SWDowntown Calgary AED Locations
  • Enbridge Inc – 1st Street SW
  • Creit Management LP – 4th Avenue SW
  • Financial Talent Exchange Inc – 4th Avenue SE
  • Alberta Court of Appeal – 1st Street SW
  • AltaGas – 4th Avenue SW
  • Kinder Morgan Canada Inc – 5th Avenue SW
  • Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) – 5th Avenue SW
  • Eidelberg Lee IT Solutions – 5th Avenue SW
  • Primavera Resources Corp – 5th Avenue SW
  • Black Diamond Land & Cattle – 3rd Street SW
  • Manulife Financial – 6th Avenue SW
  • Manulife Real Estate – 6th Avenue SW
  • Cavalier Energy Inc – 5th Avenue SW
  • Encana Corporation – Centre Street SE
  • Calgary Courts Centre – 5th Street SW
  • Calgary Catholic School District Centre – 5th Avenue SW
  • Triovest – 7th Avenue SW
  • Fasken Calgary – 7th Avenue SW
  • Entrada Resources Inc – 6th Avenue SW
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation – 8th Avenue SW
  • EOG Resources Canada – 9th Avenue SW
  • Canadian International Oil Corp – 8th Avenue SW
  • Plains Midstream Canada – 8th Avenue SW
  • Jupiter Resources Inc – 8th Avenue SW
  • Kymbask Management – 9th Avenue SW
  • Olympia Trust Foreign Exchange Calgary – 9th Avenue SE
  • Salvation Army – 9th Avenue SE
  • ENMAX District Energy Centre – 9th Avenue SE
  • McElhanney Consulting Services – 11th Avenue SE
  • BBA – 11th Avenue SW
  • Bonterra Energy Corporation – 4th Street SW
  • Westview Engineering – 11th Avenue SW
  • CUPE Local 38 – 9th Avenue SE
  • Fort Calgary – 9th Avenue SE


Southeast Calgary AED Locations

  • Bayer CropScience – Quarry Park Blvd SE
  • Blessed Cardinal Newman Elementary Junior High School – McKenzie Lake Boulevard SE
  • Bishop Kidd School – 28th Street SE
  • Bishop O’Byrne Senior High – Shawville Boulevard SE
  • Calgary Alpha House – 15th Avenue SW
  • Copperfield School (CBE) – Copperstone Road SE
  • Holy Cross Elementary Junior High School – 26th Avenue SE
  • Monsignor J. S. Smith School – Douglasdale Boulevard SE
  • Don Bosco School – Deer Ridge Drive SE
  • Saint Matthew School – 83rd Avenue SE
  • Prince of Peace School – Auburn Meadows Boulevard SE
  • Father James Whelihan School – Sunmills Drive SESE Calgary AED Locations
  • Calgary Flames Hockey Club – Saddledome Rise SE
  • Calgary Food Bank – 11th Street SE
  • CANAM Group – 53rd Avenue SE
  • Cask Brewing Systems Inc – 64th Avenue SE
  • Nalco Champion – 46th Street SE
  • Christ the King Catholic School – Cranston Way SE
  • Cordax Evaluation Technologies – 50th Street SE
  • Dirtt Environmental Solutions – 30th Street SE
  • Enlightened Soccer – 57th Street SE
  • ENMAX – 52nd Street SE & 50th Avenue SE
  • Father Lacombe High School – Radcliffe Drive SE
  • First Edition First Aid Training – 12th Street SE
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles Calgary – 5th Street SE
  • Goldray Industries – 52nd Avenue SE
  • GreatWest Kenworth – 6th Street SE
  • Hospice Calgary – 70th Avenue SE
  • Integra Naturopathics – Bellevue Avenue SE
  • James Electric Motor Services Ltd. – 8th Street SE
  • KBM Commercial Floor Coverings – 26th Avenue SE
  • Magnus Interiors Inc – 20th Avenue SE
  • NCS Multistage – 72nd Avenue SE
  • New West Gypsum Recycling Alberta Inc – Ogden Dale Road SE
  • RBS Bulk Systems – 48th Street SE
  • RJames Western Star Alberta Ltd. – 52nd Street SE
  • Rosen Canada Ltd – 12a Street SE
  • Saint Albert the Great Elementary and Junior High School – Prestwick Avenue SE
  • Saint Bonaventure School – Acadia Drive SE
  • Saint Isabella Elementary Junior High School – Copperfield Boulevard SE
  • Stantec – 25th Street SE
  • The John Howard Society Calgary – 9th Avenue SE
  • Thermo King Calgary Inc – 107 Avenue SE
  • Tower Mechanical Ltd – 80th Avenue SE
  • Victory Foundation – Ogden Road SE


Southwest Calgary AED Locations

  • Bishop Carroll High School – Richard Road SW
  • Bishop Grandin High School – Haddon Road SW
  • Britannia Dental Centre – Elbow Drive SWSW Calgary AED Locations
  • Saint Augustine Elementary Junior High School – 7th Street SW
  • Our Lady of Lourdes School – 2nd Street SW
  • Saint Michael School – 8th Avenue SW
  • Saint James Elementary Junior High School – 58th Avenue SW
  • Saint Cyril School – Cedarbrae Drive SW
  • Our Lady of Peace School – Millrise Hill SW
  • Saint Monica School – 18th Avenue SW
  • Saint Stephen School – Elbow Drive SW
  • Holy Child School – Silverado Terrace SW
  • Calgary Full Gospel Church – 14th Avenue SW
  • Saint Leo Centre – Lakeview Drive SW
  • Chinook Winds Adventist Academy – 2nd Avenue SW
  • Creit Management LP – 4th Avenue SW
  • cSPACE King Edward – 29th Avenue SW
  • The Glencoe Golf & Country Club – Elbow River Drive SW
  • Hockey Canada – Canada Olympic Road SW
  • IATSE Local 212 – 57th Avenue SW
  • Makami College Calgary Campus – Horton Road SW
  • Mayfair Diagnostics – Elbow Drive SW
  • Mount Royal University – Mount Royal Gate SW
  • Mountain View Helicopters – Otter Bay
  • Monsignor J. J. O’Brien School – Bridlewood Road SW
  • OPUS Corporation – Elbow Drive SW
  • Panther Sports Medicine Oakridge – 24th Street SW
  • Pinebrook Golf & Country Club – Pinebrook Way
  • Revive Lifestyle Fitness – 14th Street SW
  • Signal Hill Eye Care – Signal Hill Centre SW
  • Saint Lucia Calgary Cultural Assocation – 37th Street SW
  • Saint Gregory School – 26th Avenue SW
  • Saint Joan of Arc School – Wentworth Drive SW
  • Saint Mary’s Senior High School – 18th Avenue SW
  • Christ Church Anglican Calgary – 8th Street SW
  • United Farmers of Alberta Ltd. – Richard Road SW


How to Increase Your (and Others) AED Awareness

That’s not all! These are only a few AED locations in Calgary that we are aware of! Do you know of any more? Here is how you can increase your own and other’s AED awareness!

#FindAnAED Campaign

AEDs save lives – we have seen this to be true thousands of times. And it is for this reason that First Edition created the #FindAnAED campaign. We wanted to increase the odds of survival by making the public more aware of these AED locations! Through this campaign we encourage everyone to seek out AED locations and participate by:

  1. Snapping a photo
  2. Sharing it on social media with the hashtag #AEDFound
  3. Checking in to show others where it can be found
  4. Tag @FirstEditionAED

By doing this we can make AED locations and life-saving a trending thing!


PulsePoint App

Another amazing campaign and organization that is working to improve AED awareness is the PulsePoint App. This fantastic app technology allows people to register AEDs they come across in their daily life on to the app. As well the app alerts nearby certified First Aid and CPR individuals where an emergency is so they can go and help. The app gives users the location of the emergency, as well as directions to the closest AED.


NOTE: The app is useable in many locations around the world, working alongside emergency response services. Currently the PulsePoint App alert and notification feature is not available in Calgary, however, the app will still allow you to register local AED locations you come across to be viewed by others!




Increase your own knowledge about the closest AED locations in Calgary and you could be the difference between life and death! Want to take it a step further? Check out the First Edition website for more information about getting an AED into your home/workplace/store/other location and make an impact that could warm (and shock) hearts!


Want to know more about how to find AED locations? We have the answer!