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HEART-felt and Unique Gifts – Presents That Will Warm (and Save) Hearts!

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HEART-felt and Unique Gifts – Presents That Will Warm (and Save) Hearts!

When the holiday season comes around, we often find ourselves unsure of what to buy for the people on our list. Dad has it all, mom is minimalistic, and the spouse doesn’t seem to want anything! It can be a daunting task to find that truly special gift that will put a smile on their face. Need some great ideas for that hard-to-shop-for person? Check out these amazing, heartfelt and unique gifts that will warm their hearts… and may even save them!


First Aid Course Gift Certificate

First Aid Course Unique GiftsFor the person who has it all, sometimes one of the best unique gifts you can offer is an experience! Why not give them the experience that can make a difference by gifting a first aid course! This is something they can do on their own, or you can sign up the whole family! Together you will learn the skills necessary to save a life and prepare for those unexpected situations! Not only does a first aid course help each and every one of you prepare, it is also a wonderful thing to do together as a family or couple, and reduces the need for more ‘things’ at Christmas! It is the ideal life-saving minimalistic gift!


Psst! Want to know a secret? If you sign up a group of 8 or more, you will receive 15 % off – Coupon Code = #FunWithFamily for our set courses, or you can register for a private lesson here (https://calgaryfirstaidtraining.ca/courses/private-group-training/) ! The best gift is one that saves lives AND saves money!


Heartbeat Ring

One of the most heartwarming and unique gifts you can possibly give your loved one is a heartbeat ring! Not just a ring shaped as the sound of your heart, but a ring that actually shares your real-time heartbeat with your partner! The Touch is a company that sells wearable stainless-steel rings that lets you feel the heartbeat of your spouse through the technology in the ring. Just a single tap to the Heartbeat Ring and the ring will light up and vibrate to the exact tempo of your partner’s heart, wherever they are! Now you can ‘give’ your heart to your loved one and show them just how loved they are! Perfect for those working out of town or in long distance relationships too!



Unique Gifts- AEDAlthough you may not be able to purchase an AED on your own to gift to someone, defibrillators make amazing group gifts! These life-saving devices are a heartfelt present that will actually warm hearts (while kicking them back into rhythm when cardiac arrest occurs!). This gift could be perfect for the family cottage, aging parents, or those friends or family members living with heart disease. An AED is just the thing to give them the comfort that should things take a turn for the worse (which we hope they never will!), their heart can be protected with the AED that is within arms-reach!


Heart Attack Shirt

Do you know someone who has survived a heart attack? It is no small feat! Why not give them something to make them laugh as well as to remind them that they were strong enough to beat a heart-related emergency? Zazzle.com has a huge selection of humorous t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and posters with heart emergency jokes and sayings. Some of these items have sayings such as, “Who Has Two Thumbs and Survived a Heart Attack?” “Heart Attack: 0 My Dad: 1” or “Double Bypass, Been There, Done That!” These will be sure to be unique gifts that go down in the books as a success!

First Aid Kit

No matter where you live, work, or play, everyone can use a first aid kit! These unique gifts are perfect to keep your friends and family prepared for the un-plannable moments that life sometimes has. Bee stings in spring, heat stroke in summer, knee scrapes in fall, or sprained ankles in winter… you can never be too prepared! By giving the gift of a first aid kit, you will ensure that your friend/family member have what they need to wrap, bandage, splint, and treat any ailment, any time of the year! Check out First Edition’s selection of first aid kits, and choose the best one for that special someone on your list!


Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch - Unique GiftsWhat does everyone love, regardless of age or gender? New tech! If you have a bigger budget to spend on someone this year, why not invest in technology that will help them stay organized, be active, and keep their heart in check! The new Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with the latest technology that has an electrical heart sensor to notify the wearer if their heart rate is too low or high. The watch is great to help motivate and track exercise and fitness levels, which are perfect to reach the ultimate goal of good heart health!


Heart Healthy Baking

They say that some of the best gifts are handmade. This goes for baking too! There is nothing better than receiving a batch of delicious cookies, squares, loaves, or pies to warm the heart more. But instead of giving butter, sugar, and cholesterol-filled desserts, give heart-healthy baking that they can feel good about! First Edition has dozens of recipes on the blog that will be sure to make tasty, yet unique gifts! Make a batch of black bean brownies, healthy gingerbread cookies, or almond cinnamon Christmas star cookies! Each and every treat will be one to warm the heart (and the belly!).



Give these unique gifts this holiday season, and know you have given a present that will truly warm (and save) the hearts of everyone on your list! Show a little love and be ready to see smiles upon every face this season! Merry Christmas!