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Drinking Alcohol and Heart Health – Are They Connected?

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We’ve all heard the claims that drinking a little alcohol each day is beneficial to your health. But is there truth in that statement? According to John Hopkins Medicine, some studies support the idea that moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk of dying from heart disease. However, on the flip side, drinking excessively can contribute...

The Holiday Heart Attack – Tips to Maintaining Healthy Habits Over the Holiday Season

Christmas dinner table
The festive season is a time for friends, family and spreading joy and holiday cheer! We begin to see holiday parties ramp up, which also means copious amounts of food and drink. But the festive season isn’t just about eating and celebrating, it’s also about the cold winter weather! Winter, not to mention holiday stress,...

Anxiety and Heart Disease – How Are They Connected?

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It is estimated that over 3 million Canadians over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety disorder, and more than 27 per cent of sufferers reported that the disorder affected their lives, making simple activities and work challenging. But anxiety can cause a slew of health issues, including heart disease. If you suffer from anxiety disorder, it’s important to take steps...

Heartwarming Charity – Hearts for Healthcare

Heartwarming Charity Blog
Heartwarming Charity – Hearts for Healthcare Whether someone has diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, or other medical conditions big or small, they all have one need in common – healthcare. It is with the assistance of trained professionals, volunteers, and the community that they can work together to provide facilities and services that will...
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