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Heartwarming Charity – The Sharing Farm Society

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Heartwarming Charity – The Sharing Farm Society

Heart health isn’t something we are all just gifted with – it takes a bit of work. To maintain a healthy pumper we have to get exercise, rid ourselves of unhealthy habits (ex. smoking), and of course, eat healthy foods. Unfortunately, many people in Canada and around the globe do not have access to good food or are unable to afford it. This can result in people struggling to properly feed their families, resulting in health problems, fatigue, and a loss of hope.

It is for this reason, that our hearts are warmed when we hear of organizations like The Sharing Farm Society! As this month’s ‘heartwarming charity,’ The Sharing Farm Society seeks to help those less fortunate (specifically in the BC area) and provide them with heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables! Check out what else makes this heartwarming charity truly amazing!


About this Charity:

We grow Food. We grow Farmers. We grow Community.” – The Sharing Farm Society

Imagine an organization that feeds those who do not have access to proper meals or ingredients; a charity that is working to give these individuals the healthy food they require to live a long and nourishing life. That is exactly what The Sharing Farm Society is working to do. As a community, this unique farm is run by volunteers who constantly support their “neighbours in need.” Particularly, the organization offers assistance to those in the Richmond, BC area (where the farm is located). This not-for-profit farm is actually run by those living in the community, who have volunteered their time and efforts to grow, gather, and distribute “fresh, healthy, local produce.” This wonderful organization is helping Canadians by:

  • Raising Funds

Managing a farm is a lot of work, just ask any farmer! But the hard work and kindness (as well as fresh food donations) are only possible through the thousands of volunteers working with The Sharing Farm Society. This charity collects donations that financially support the part time workers, manage the farm, and ensure that plenty of great foods are grown and delivered to the right people! Each donation given to The Sharing Farm “change[s] the notion of ‘Food Bank Food’” and instead gives “fresh produce for families in need.”

  • Supporting Those in Need
    Over the 15 years the Sharing Farm has been up and running, they have donated over 200,000 pounds of food to those in need. All of the hard work done by the part-time staff and volunteers are put towards helping others. The organization works with other charities and businesses (such as The United Way) on various projects that, in turn, will change lives! With the help of partnerships, sponsorships, volunteers, and a lot of love, this farm is making a big impact! As stated on The Sharing Farm website, “Your sponsorship will grow food that will help combat fatigue from poor diets, and restore food dignity to a struggling family.”


How to Get Involved:

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Sharing Farm Society, including:

  • Donating
  • Volunteering
  • Registering for a Membership
  • Sponsorship Opportunities (Raising Funds for Food Baskets)
  • Purchasing Vegetables from the Farm


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

Fresh food and produce can change people’s lives and well-being. Not only does it give them the nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy, it gives them hope and dignity for the future! This charity is heartwarming because it:

  • Increases access to (heart) healthy foods for those in need
    • When people have access to healthy foods/ingredients, they are able to feed themselves and their families in a way that is good for their bodies. They get the nourishment and vitamins required to live a healthy life! Additionally, many ingredients grown on the Sharing Farm are heart healthy!

Sometimes it is the people closest to you who may need your help – your neighbours! Share the love!


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the Sharing Farm Society for everything they do to improve the lives and meals of those in need!