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Heartwarming Charity – Caring Hearts

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Heartwarming Charity – Caring Hearts

Our health goes beyond our physical well-being. Along with ensuring good health of our bodies, we also need to ensure that our mental health is being taken care of to. What many may not realize is that the state of our mental health is directly linked to our heart health!  This makes it all the more important that we seek out help when suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, or other problems. That is what the Caring Hearts organization is here to help with.

This month’s heartwarming charity is the Caring Hearts organization situated in Saskatchewan. The charity is offering a helping hand to those individuals in the province who are suffering with grief and heartache from the loss of loved ones. With their hard work and ‘caring hearts’ this Canadian charity is making a difference in the province and truly helping hearts heal! Take a look at exactly what this amazing organization is doing!


About this Charity:

“[Our mission is] to enhance mental health support through education, counselling, and charitable initiatives for those dealing with death and loss.”
– Caring Hearts

The loss of a loved one often has an impactful and devastating effect on a person. Loss is sometimes accompanied with loneliness, depression, grief, heartache, and other mental health issues. It is individuals going through these hard times that the Caring Hearts organization is seeking to help. This wonderful organization is assisting those living in Saskatchewan by:

  • Supporting Those in Need
    Anyone suffering with loss in Saskatchewan is able to come to the Caring Hearts and receive the support, guidance, and care that they need to carry on. Through a variety of methods, the Caring Hearts is able to guide people through, assist them financially, and educate them (and others) along the way. The organization supports those in need through offering counselling, educational opportunities, the Caring Hearts Camp, access to support groups, and the collection of funds.
  • Educate
    Our mental state of wellbeing is so important, and it is only when we understand what it is and how it affects us that we can begin to heal and grow. Caring Hearts is focused on the education of mental health topics such as: how grief affects us, impact of trauma, grief during the holidays, building hope and resiliency, and much more. The organization offers these educational opportunities to those in Saskatchewan area through offered education sessions, counselling, and their conference and retreat offered each year.
  • Raising Funds
    When individuals face an unexpected death or loss, often times they require guidance through counselling sessions to help them through. In many cases, families and young individuals are unable to afford the help that they require. It is here where the Caring Hearts organization collects and raises funds to support these individuals. Through donations received, the charity assists those families by offering financial assistance for care. As well, they are able to send children and teens to the Caring Hearts Camp free of charge – an amazing opportunity for them to heal and a fun and unique experience that will guide them through their experiences while showing them that they are not alone.

How to Get Involved:

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Caring Hearts, including:

  • Donating (one time or monthly giving options available)
  • Gifts in Kind
  • Volunteering
  • Legacy Giving Opportunities


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

When people receive the assistance and guidance needed to get through loss in their lives, it improves their mental health and overall wellbeing. This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By helping our mental health, we help our hearts
    • The more stress and anxiety (as well as grief) that we have in our lives, the more our physical bodies and hearts will suffer. The physiological reaction to poor mental health is often seen through higher blood pressure or a hardening of the arteries. Additionally, those experiencing grief are actually at risk for broken-heart syndrome (similar to a heart attack). When we help our mental health and heal from loss and pain, our bodies and hearts will improve too!


It is charities like Caring Hearts that are truly making a difference! “… we listen, we understand, and we are beside the people of our province every step of the way to help guide them through grief’s journey.”




It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Caring Hearts for everything they do to improve the lives and mental health of those in need!