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Apps to Get Your Heart Health on the Right Track!

Apps to Get Your Heart Health on the Right Track!

The saying ‘there’s an app for that’ is applicable for so many situations – even when it comes to improving your heart health! It may seem strange that a simple app on your mobile phone can make an impact on the organ in your chest, but there is so much these apps have to offer. They can work to get your heart physically back on track, take steps to reduce your risk of heart disease, and even give you the best recipes so your body can thrive. Ready to take a step towards better heart health? Check out these apps that will get you back on track!


Improving Exercise – Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor

Cardiio Heart Health AppFor our heart muscles to strengthen and our heart health to improve, we need to stay active. Living a sedentary lifestyle often leads to weight gain which then increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. It is necessary to stay active to ensure that your cardio and heart health stays up! Do you know how hard to push yourself though? The Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor app is the perfect solution to assist you in measuring your heart rate and “perform[ing] workouts to get in shape.”

The app works by using the camera feature on your phone – placing your finger or face in front of the camera, your heart rate can be calculated. The numbers you then receive from the app will help you to understand your overall wellness, and ensure your workouts will make a difference in your health journey. Additionally, using the app you can track your performance and see the progress made towards your health goals!


Reducing Stress – Headspace App

Headspace App Heart HealthHas stress and anxiety become part of your normal routine? The toll that emotional stress and mental fatigue can have on our physical bodies is extreme, resulting in further negative effects on our heart health. Simply having high stress in your life can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. So how do you manage this stress to ensure your heart stays healthy? With an app of course! Headspace is a unique app that is used for guided meditation and mindfulness. Now you may be saying, ‘how is that going to help my heart health?’ Because even a short 10 minutes a day of meditation has been proven to drastically reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

The Headspace app helps people to “stress less, focus more and even sleep better.” Simply select a session target (focuses can be on appreciation, insomnia, restoration, and more!) and follow along with detailed and helpful guidance to get the most out of your meditation!


Improving Diet – Yummy Heart Recipes

Yummy Heart Recipes ProOften times when we forget to make a meal plan (which happens more than we would like to admit), we find ourselves eating less healthy meals. Comfort foods take priority and ordering in is an easy escape from the work required to make dinner. The underlying problem – we don’t know what to make! When we have access to healthy and easy-to-follow recipes, we are more likely to make the best food for our hearts! The Yummy Heart Recipes app is ideal for those who struggle with knowing what to make.

The app offers thousands of delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, allows you to browse selections by category, save your favourites, share the recipe with others, and prepare shopping lists so you have everything you need. Simply peruse the many heart healthy recipes and plan the weekly eats! The app is available in a free version as well as a paid pro version ($6.99) giving you further access to even more recipes and heart-healthy diet solutions!


Helping Other’s Hearts – PulsePoint App

PulsePoint App Heart HealthIf ever there was an app that helped you be an every-day hero, PulsePoint is the one! Using map data, a connection to local emergency responder lines, and registered users, PulsePoint is working towards ensuring that heart emergencies are getting immediate help. The app is enhanced by users who register whether they are certified in first aid and CPR, as well as help to identify and record AED locations found around the world.

How the app works is that when a heart-emergency occurs, nearby users (who are skilled to help) will receive an alert notification to their phone telling them that their assistance is needed. The person can then follow directions on the map to get to the scene where someone may need CPR or the use of an AED. If there is an AED nearby, the app will also inform all nearby users of its location, so that it can be retrieved quickly and efficiently. Every second is precious and could be the difference between life or death. The faster people can act before emergency responders can arrive, the higher chance that the individual in need will survive!



Ready to do your heart a favour this year? Download these apps on to your iPhone or Android and begin a new and improved journey towards better heart health!