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Heartwarming Charity – HeartLife Foundation

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Heartwarming Charity – HeartLife Foundation

When someone suffers from heart disease, it is a long journey of learning how to stay healthy. Each individual requires assistance from the health care system, but there is also much that they can do themselves to prevent heart failure and stay healthy. With the correct guidance, support and engagement, heart disease can be managed by the patient to ensure a higher quality of life. It is this patient-led focus of heart disease that is the key focus of the HeartLife Foundation.

Take a look at this month’s amazing heartwarming charity, the HeartLife Foundation, and learn more about how you can manage heart disease!


About this Charity:

“We aim to empower patient voices to stimulate dialogue, advance understanding, improve access to treatments and research, raise heart failure awareness, and improve patient care in Canada.”

– HeartLife Foundation 

As stated on the HeartLife website, “an estimated 600,000 people are currently living with heart failure in Canada.” These thousands of individuals require assistance, support, and constant encouragement throughout their lifetime. And one of the best ways to support these individuals is to equip them with the knowledge and skills to understand how to best take care of themselves. This is the goal of the HeartLife Foundation. Take a look at what this wonderful organization is doing to support those suffering from heart disease:

  • Raise Awareness
    To help anyone suffering with heart disease, awareness is the first step. The more that we all understand about heart failure and disease, the better we are able to assist. One of the main missions of the HeartLife Foundation is to “stimulate dialogue [and] advance understanding” to ensure that those in need get the assistance and support (both personally and medically) required. In addition to raising public awareness, the HeartLife Foundation is all about advocating for better selfcare through their newsletter, blog, and online community conversations via Facebook. The organization offers access to a close-knit community – a place where those with heart disease can interact with others in similar situations and learn how to better care for themselves.
  • Educate and Support
    As Canada’s first and only patient-led organization, the HeartLife team strives to educate others suffering from heart disease. The organization has a goal to “educate and empower patients to effectively self-manage their illness.” HeartLife offers educational resources, positive attitudes, and support and encouragement to all patients. It is all about starting the conversation and educating those in need!


How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the HeartLife Foundation through the following:


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

With a focus on supporting other patients who have heart disease, the organization works to increase awareness as well as increase accessibility to helpful and life-changing information. This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By increasing awareness, together we can make a difference
    • The more people who know about heart disease, the bigger of a difference we can make towards prevention, advancing research, and directly helping those in need. As a community we can assist heart disease patients and ensure that all Canadians are able to have long and healthy lives.



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the HeartLife Foundation for everything they do to help Canadians!