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Heartwarming Charity – Wood’s Homes

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Heartwarming Charity – Wood’s Homes

Our wellbeing and health extend beyond our physical stamina and bodily comfort – it also includes our mental health!

According to a commentary published by The American Journal of Medicine, “The American Heart Association has concluded that depression can accelerate atherosclerosis3 as well as promote the onset and severity of the coronary risk factors of diabetes, hypertension, and high levels of low-density lipoprotein.”

In the past few years, we as a community have been working hard to reduce the stigma around mental health struggles and encourage individuals to seek help rather than stay quiet. Doctors may not always have the answers for these types of pains, so it is organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association that we can turn to for guidance.

When it comes to mental health in children, there is a particular Calgary charity that is making a difference – Wood’s Homes. Take a look at why this nationally recognized mental health centre for children is heart-warming, and learn what they are doing to make a positive change in the lives of children!


About this Charity:


“We create and provide quality mental health services that promote and restore the well-being of children and families who struggle with problems big and small.”

– Wood’s Homes


According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, roughly 1.2 million children suffer from mental health problems. What’s worse is that less that only 20% of this group will receive the treatment and assistance needed. This is where Wood’s Homes comes in. This non-profit charity is lending a helping hand to offer the resources and guidance necessary for healing, and helps both the children and their parents. Helping children between the ages of newborn to 24, Wood’s Homes has live-in programs as well as community assistance opportunities. This wonderful organization is assisting children and their families living in Calgary, Lethbridge, Strathmore, and Fort McMurray by:

  • Supporting Those in Need
    What began as an orphanage in 1914, soon flourished into “a place of caring and trust” for children! For those children suffering with mental health issues, the Wood’s Homes opens their doors to all for support and assistance. The organization offers over 40 different programs that provide individuals with information and care within specific areas of concern. Some of these programs include: crisis and counselling services, short term stays, live-in treatment, and more.
  • Educating Canadians
    As stated on the website, “Wood’s Homes is widely recognized as a knowledge and training centre in the field of children’s mental health.” Not only does the organization make efforts to increase awareness of mental health in children, they provide schooling solutions for those with specialized learning, emotional or behavioral difficulties, or those who require home support or counselling. In addition to teaching others, Wood’s Homes also has a research department that monitors and evaluates program successes and failures and works to improve them further.

How to Get Involved:

If you would like to support Wood’s Homes, you can assist through the following opportunities:

  • Donating
  • Attend or host an event
  • Providing Wood’s Homes with one of their wish list items
  • Volunteering
  • Become a foster parent


Why This Charity is Heart-warming:

By helping children’s mental health, we help their hearts:

  • The more stress and mental distress that children have in their lives, the more likely their health and hearts will suffer. Our bodies react negatively to stress and it often puts extreme pressure on the heart. Prolonged stress and poor mental health can lead to blood pressure problems and other health issues later on in life. When these young individuals are given the help they need to overcome mental distress, and have opportunities to live and learn in a healthy environment, their hearts will be healthy too!



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Wood’s Homes for everything they do to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those children in need!


Did you know that there is now mental health first aid? Through this type of training you can now learn more on how to help those in mental crises and learn to assist them further! Want to take your first aid training further? Check out the different types of first aid and get certified!