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Ultimate Preparedness Packing Checklist for Adventurous Souls

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Ultimate Preparedness Packing Checklist for Adventurous Souls

You long for the next thrilling experience. Every mountain has seen your feet. Fear is something that you eat for breakfast… You must be an adventurous soul!

For many adventurers, the wilderness is just one more place that needs to be explored. And when you are living life to the fullest, why not get in every ounce of sunshine to hike, kayak, bike, or breathe in that fresh air!

Are you heading out on another undertaking this summer? Are you prepared? When going out into the wilderness, the unexpected can sometimes happen and accidents may follow. Help can sometimes be far away, and that is why it is so important to pack along the best gear. Bear Grylls and Survivor Man can attest to that! Not sure what to bring? Take a look at this ultimate preparedness packing checklist for adventurous souls like yourself!


Weather Protection

Once you have hit the road, most times there is no turning back. You need to be sure that wherever your journey takes you that you can battle the elements. Always pack along everything necessary to keep you warm and dry, or cool and refreshed. Rain jacket, wind breaker pants, wool socks, hat, toque, sunscreen, etc. The key is to pack layers of clothing so that you can add or remove clothing depending on the weather!


Rope Bracelet - Preparedness Packing ChecklistRope Bracelet

Look stylish and have the means to tie up a lean-to shelter, secure something high up in a tree, or help yourself down a steep rockface! The survival rope bracelet is an innovative and simple solution to bring along without taking up any space. Wear this braided bracelet on your wrist, and should the need for it arise, simply unravel it to be used!


First Aid Kit - Packing Checklist

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have when out exploring the world. Wherever you go, whether it is a road trip or an extreme hiking trek in the mountains, a first aid kit should be the first thing packed! These can assist in all kinds of accidents and emergencies including bone fractures, bug bites, cuts or wounds, shock, or even cardiac arrest! Don’t have one to pack along? Order your Occupational Health and Safety Alberta Regulated first aid kit and mark it off of your packing checklist!



Of all the things on your packing checklist, a flashlight should the second thing to be brought along. Perfect for helping you see in the dark and finding your way! Enough said.


Multi-Tool - Preparedness Packing Checklist


What has a knife, screwdriver, pliers, tweezers, scissors, bottle opener, and other tools, while also fitting into your pocket? If you answered a multi-tool, then you know exactly what you need to survive out in our wild world! Multi-tools perform a variety of functions to solve problems, assist with first aid, or keep you safeguarded if the worst-case scenario occurs.



It may be small, but it sure makes a lot of noise! Have a whistle in your gear for those instances when you need to be loud to keep bears away, to call out to your companions, or to alert nearby adventurers that you are in trouble and require assistance.


Emergency Radio - Preparedness Packing ChecklistEmergency/Space Blanket

These shiny heat-reflective blankets allow you to stay warm and reduce your body’s heat loss. Not only are these blankets light-weight, they are ideal to use when outdoors. You can use them alternatively as an extra layer of warmth at night or while travelling, protect your gear from rain, as a tourniquet, to heat water with the reflective material, and so much more!


Emergency Radio

You become stranded, lost, or see big storm clouds headed your way. By bringing along an emergency radio, you are giving yourself the option to get emergency help in times of injury or should you lose your way. What many don’t realize is that emergency radios can often be used for other purposes too: weather reports, charging other devices, light, walkie-talkies, and of course as a form of communication to civilization.


AED - Packing Checklist


It may seem like an extreme thing to bring with you, but by having an AED on your mountain climbing expeditions, backpacking trips, or hiking excursions, you are truly protecting yourself and those with you. It is when you are in the wilderness that you are far from help, so it is all the more important to bring essential life-saving equipment with you. By having an AED with you, you will DOUBLE the chances of survival for those nearby. If anyone goes into cardiac arrest, you have the equipment necessary to save their life. Otherwise, every minute without one is a decrease of 7-10% for their chances of survival. Are you willing to take that risk?

Not quite ready to purchase an AED? Did you know that First Edition offers AED rentals? Contact info@firsteditionfirstaid.ca to book your AED rental for your summer adventure!


Water Filtration Bottle

Survival 101 – always have clean drinking water! In order to survive in the bush, you need to be prepared to filter your water. What better way to do that than to pack along a water filtration bottle! These filtration systems are easy to pack along and will ensure that the water you gather from natural sources are cleansed to keep you hydrated and healthy throughout your trip.



Be sure to check off everything on this preparedness packing checklist and know that you have taken steps towards your own safety! You know what they say, ‘better safe than sorry,’ so bring the best with you when you go off on every adventure! Happy trails!