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Heartwarming Charity – Distress Centre

Heartwarming Charity Blog - Distress Centre

Heartwarming Charity – Distress Centre

When discussing our heart health, we often think of our blood pressure, cholesterol, and how much we exercise. But did you know that your heart health is also connected to your mental health and overall well-being? Studies have shown that increased levels of anxiety, stress, and depression have a direct impact on health. The poorer our mental health is, the more likely we are to experience an increase in blood pressure, and a higher risk of developing heart disease. (For more information on the links between mental health and heart health, check out our blog!) Thankfully there are professionals available 24/7 to help us improve our mental health and well-being.

This month’s heartwarming charity is the Distress Centre in Calgary, Alberta! This amazing charitable organization is offering 24-hour support to those in need. Take a look why this charity is heartwarming, and what they are doing to make a positive impact on the lives of Calgarians!


About this Charity:

“[Our mission is to] provide compassionate, accessible crisis support that enhances the health, well-being and resiliency of individuals in distress.”

– Distress Centre 

The Distress Centre located in Calgary is a 24-hour crisis support line that provides counselling and additional resources to individuals in need. Whatever someone is distressed about, any crisis can be discussed with someone at the Distress Centre. The organization has made it clear that their services are free to everyone – whatever a crisis looks like. As stated on their website, “We do not define crisis. We do not judge. Anyone can call us day or night.” If a crisis cannot be solved over the phone, the Distress Centre offers additional solutions such as professional counselling and assistance finding a community group, social opportunities, or government services. Take a look at what this wonderful organization is doing to support Calgarians:

  • Provide Support and Resources
    With the use of their 24- hour call line, they offer the opportunity for anyone to seek guidance and assistance to improve their well-being. Whether that is struggling with an addiction, feeling depressed or suicidal, or facing severe anxiety for worries in your life. Every person with a problem is encouraged to call and talk with a trained professional who can offer help and resources to work towards solving the problem. If a crisis cannot be resolved over the phone, the Distress Centre offers additional in-person solutions such as professional counselling and assistance finding a community or government service. The organization is connected with impact funders including United Way, Alberta Health Services, City of Calgary, Alberta Government, and the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Together with the assistance of professionals, trained staff, and volunteers, Calgarians can get the help they need to improve their health and state of being.

How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the Distress Centre through the following:

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Join the team (career opportunities)
  • Practicum student opportunities


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Distress Centre is doing some amazing things for the public, and with their assistance, individuals are getting the attention, resources, and direction they need to overcome a crisis! This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By increasing access to help, people can improve their mental and physical health.
    • By simply having someone listening and investing in an individual’s crisis, there is room for healing and growth. Many mental health issues are overcome with counselling, doctor referrals, and positive support. By helping Canadians access the help they need, the Distress Centre is improving mental health and wellbeing which will then have a positive impact on people’s heart health! The less stress and anxiety we have in our lives, the healthier our hearts will be.

It is charities like the Distress Centre that are truly making a difference for Calgarians, providing them with an ear to listen to, and a hand to help!


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support the Distress Centre for everything they do to help the public’s health and well-being!