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Heartwarming Charity – Hearts for Healthcare

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Heartwarming Charity – Hearts for Healthcare

Whether someone has diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, or other medical conditions big or small, they all have one need in common – healthcare. It is with the assistance of trained professionals, volunteers, and the community that they can work together to provide facilities and services that will help individuals with any health concerns. But in order for these individuals to receive the help and attention necessary, the correct equipment and funding has to be available. That is where Hearts for Healthcare comes in!

November’s Heartwarming Charity of the month is Hearts for Healthcare who has a goal to assist the community of Cold Lake and achieve “best in class” healthcare for all! With the aim to “enrich and enhance healthcare services in the Cold Lake area” the hard work being done by this wonderful organization has not gone unnoticed. Take a look at what Hearts for Healthcare is doing to make an impact for the community!


About this Charity:


“[Our mission is to lead] the community to achieve best in class healthcare through informed dialogue, inspired volunteerism, and innovative thinking.”

– Hearts for Healthcare


Founded in 2009, the Hearts for Healthcare organization has identified the need for healthcare solutions and equipment in the community of Cold Lake in Alberta. Consisting of a number of dedicated employees as well as many volunteers, the Hearts for Healthcare team are coming together to make a lasting and positive impact in the industry. Since they first began, the organization has already purchased over $1,000,000 in healthcare equipment, attracted 10 new physicians, and raised over $1 million to improve the health and wellness in the area. Take a look at what else this wonderful organization is doing to support the community:

  • Provide Support and Resources
    The Hearts for Healthcare organization is doing an incredible amount of work to ensure that the community, its members, and the healthcare professionals get the resources and support necessary to advocated for health and wellbeing. Through their Physician Attraction and Retention program they are working to find physicians for the Cold Lake area as well as offer support for temporary physicians. The organization also seeks to support through facility enhancements that include upgrading existing medical facilities and assisting with the purchase of necessary medical equipment.
  • Community Advocacy
    In order for the needs of the community to be addressed, Hearts for Healthcare recognizes the importance of listening to those individuals in the area. Through their community advocacy initiative, the board of directors and volunteers strive to hear to the needs of the residents, support local healthcare workers, and promote awareness to encourage funding for necessary resources and equipment required in the area. In addition to the community advocacy, the Hearts for Healthcare website also has community resources that offer further information of the nearby and recommended facilities and specialists who can assist with varying issues within the medical area.

How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the Distress Centre through the following:

  • Donate (One-time donation, tribute gifts, monthly donor program)
  • Become a supporter
  • Volunteer
  • Plan a community initiative
  • Take part in the events and initiatives that occur throughout the year


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Hearts for Healthcare is doing some amazing things to improve the health and wellness of residents and those in the surrounding community! This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By increasing access to healthcare, people can get the attention necessary to live a long and healthy life.
    • By knowing there are facilities and professionals you can turn to when you have health problems, you can seek solutions to get better! For serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, and others, medical attention is critical. With the support of the Hearts for Healthcare organization, changes are being made to ensure that these Canadians receive the help they need.

It is charities like Hearts for Healthcare that are truly making a difference in communities, providing them with the funding and resources necessary to stay healthy!



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Hearts for Healthcare for everything they do to help the public’s health and well-being!