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Heartwarming Charity – Holiday Helpers Canada

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Heartwarming Charity – Holiday Helpers Canada

Happiness, joy, kindness, and love are all the things that the Christmas season is truly about. But for many families across Canada and the globe, the season is one of stress and sadness, including those who are struggling to get by financially, have experienced a catastrophic event, or simply are in a tough situation. It is these families that often are unable to experience the joys of Christmas. But thankfully, there are charities working to fix this!


Our heartwarming charity of the month is Holiday Helpers Canada, who are seeking to improve the situations for those struggling families by giving them a Christmas experience that they will never forget! Take a look at how this charity and these ‘holiday helpers’ are warming hearts for the season of giving and making sure that everyone has a day full of love and cheer!


About this Charity: 

“Our mission is to provide a one-time customized Christmas package to families with young children, who are living in low-income situations.”

– Holiday Helpers Canada


The Holiday Helpers organization recognizes the stress around the holidays, especially on those families of low-income and experiencing poverty. The charity works to correct this, remove the stress of Christmas, and instead make it a day of joy, food, and love. Many of the families that Holiday Helpers works to assist are “single parent families, newly immigrated to Canada, [those] involved in programs for subsided daycare or living, [or those] who have experienced a catastrophic event that has impacted their financial situation.” Holiday Helpers reaches out those families who could use support and who are in tough situations, and creates a perfect Christmas day for them through charitable giving. Take a look at what else this wonderful organization is doing to support the community:

  • Support Those in Need
    The goal of this organization is to provide a ‘complete Christmas experience’ that will be enjoyed by both parents and children who could not create these experiences on their own. The charity recognizes those families struggling, and works to raise funds and find gifts to create Christmas experience packages that are given to each family. These packages include an artificial Christmas tree (complete with lights and decorations), a minimum $100 gift card to assist with the warm Christmas meal, and personalized gifts from the families wish lists (which are provided ahead of time by the family in need) – these gifts can be anything from warm jackets to toys for the children. These families spirits are raised for the holidays as they see the kindness of the community and feel the overwhelming love that they deserve.

How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the Holiday Helpers organization through the following:

  • Sponsor a Family with a Monetary Donation
  • Sponsor a Family’s Wish List
  • Corporate Giving
  • Host a Gift Drive
  • Volunteer
  • Participate in yearly events


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Holiday Helpers Canada organization is doing some amazing things to improve the joy and happiness for those families and children in need. This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By increasing the joy and excitement for families on Christmas, their happiness increases.
    • It has been proven that when we experience happiness, joy, kindness, and love, our heart health benefits. Happy people are at a lower risk for mental health problems, sleep better, and increases the feel-good hormones while reducing the stress hormones. All these changes take pressure off the heart, reduce the risk of heart disease, and allow for a healthy and fulsome life!

It is charities like Holiday Helpers that are truly making a difference in the lives of families across the country, providing them with gifts of joy and Christmas cheer for one of the most magical seasons of all!



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Holiday Helpers Canada for everything they do to share the love with families in need!