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Heartwarming Charity – New Beginnings Support Program

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Heartwarming Charity – New Beginnings Support Program

As a new year begins, we spend time thinking about the new things we would like to see in our own lives. How we want to get into better shape, how we want to get that raise we’ve been aching for, and how a nicer car is definitely on the horizon. But what we sometimes forget in this yearly state of ‘renewal’ are those of the new beginnings that others are relying on to help themselves and their families get out of poverty and start a renewed life.


We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on those women in Calgary who are in need of hope, and require support for 2020. The New Beginnings charity understands that sometimes in order to get unstuck you need a helping hand. New Beginnings Support Program is restoring hope to women who are low-income or undeserved in the community. Take a look at what this wonderful charity is doing for women in need and how they are changing lives!


About this Charity:

“New Beginnings believes that having a job is not enough; to create long term success it is vital to develop the whole person. The result is not just a ‘quick fix’ solution but a long lasting change.”

 – New Beginnings Support Program


New Beginnings charity is working to improve and restructure the lives ‘underserved’ women through support and guidance. The staff, trainers, and life-coaches.at New Beginnings are able to provide these women with the boost they need to get back on their feet. By “improving one family at a time” the organization is making an incredibly positive impact in the lives of Calgarians. Take a look at what else this wonderful organization is doing to support the community:

  • Support Those in Need

    With an approach centered on providing women with proper support mechanisms so they can make a smooth transition into a successful and independent life, the New Beginnings organizations offers various types of support within their programs. These programs work on leadership, life-skill development, financial literacy, and other skill development areas within the professional or education industries. The organization recognizes that each situation is unique, and so works individually with each person to find the best program that will help them achieve their specific goals. Some of the support offered include the Stepping Into Success (S.I.S) program, Humber College program certificates, and care packages that help to “ease the burden of financial constraints on their families as they learn, train, and put into action what they have learned through the process.”

  • Raise Funds

    In addition to providing women in need with programs, support, guidance, and care packages, the New Beginnings Support Program organization collects and raises funds that help deserving women and girls. One of the current initiatives that New Beginnings is actively undertaking is raising money for those who are unable to pay for a wedding gown or prom dress. The goal is to restore hope, as these women “may be broken, but they are not shattered and this portion of our program helps them believe in life again!”


How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the New Beginnings Support Program organization through the following:

  • Donate (become an ‘Angel in Action’)
  • Volunteer
  • Fundraise
  • Support and participate in events


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The New Beginnings Support Program organization is doing some amazing things to improve the confidence and skillset of women, and is working to support them while they transition towards creating a better life for themselves and their children. This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By increasing the support and independence of women in low-income situations, these women gain confidence and skills, and therefore experience less stress in their daily lives.
    • Stress is one of the major factors in the development of heart disease. The more stress we are under, the harder our heart has to work. It is when our heart is pushed past its limits that heart emergencies occur (such as heart attacks or sudden cardiac arrest). By providing women with ways to improve their livelihood and giving them the assistance needed to navigate poverty and encourage success, the New Beginnings Support Program is helping hearts.

It is charities like New Beginnings Support Program that are truly making a difference in the lives of women and their families. They are providing them with a starting point and equipping them with the skills necessary so that they can succeed!



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support New Beginnings Support Program for everything they do to share the love with women in Calgary!