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Heart Healthy Snacks to Keep You on Track for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Heart Healthy Snacks to Keep You on Track for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

It is with the coming of a new year that we can take a fresh stance on what we would like to achieve. Are you hoping to slim down a few pounds? Create better meal plans? Eat healthier for your heart? Whatever your fitness and health goals are, they CAN be accomplished! All you need is a plan of attack.

Munchy already? Don’t make yourself hungry by cutting out snacks altogether, and don’t give up on the healthy-streak now! We have found the best snacks to appease those cravings and keep you on the path to achieving your goals. Take a look at these heart healthy snacks that will keep you on track for your new year’s resolutions, and make you a master of 2020 foods!


Roasted Chickpeas - Heart Healthy SnackRoasted Chickpeas

When it comes to savory snacks, we often gravitate to salty and fatty chips, cheese, and on-the-go snacks from our favourite fast food restaurants. Looking for a good alternative and heart healthy snack? SkinnyTaste.com has your answer! This Roasted Chickpea recipe has all of the spices and flavorings that will keep your snack on track, while also allowing you to munch without getting away from your goals! Bonus fact: chickpeas have fiber, vitamin B, magnesium, and iron in them, which all help your blood pressure and cholesterol. Hooray!



Heart Healthy Fruit Smoothie - Heart Healthy SnackHeart Healthy Fruit Smoothie

A wonderful way to fill up when your stomach is grumbling is with an easy and delicious fruit smoothie! Don’t go and purchase any old smoothie from the grocery store though. Those pre-made drinks are loaded with sugars! Instead, make your own smoothie with a few simple ingredients and a blender. This healthy fruit smoothie from WhitneyBond.com has heart-happy strawberries, blueberries, orange, papaya, and soy milk – all blended together to make an easy on-the-go snack. Boost your blood pumper with this tasty and naturally sweetened drink!



Kale Chips - Heart Healthy SnackSea Salt and Garlic Kale Chips

Did you know that garlic and kale have been found to potentially lower the risk of heart disease? Put the two ingredients together, and you have the ULTIMATE snack that will lower your risk of heart disease! Kale chips are an awesome alternative snack that give the crunch and flavor of a chip without all of the extra trans fats, sugars, high sodium levels, etc. Next time you need a snack to bite into consider these ‘No Fail Sea Salt and Garlic Kale Chips’ from TheBusyBaker.ca!


Yogurt and Fruit - Heart Healthy SnackYogurt and Fruit

It has been found that by eating yogurt you have the chance to reduce your blood pressure AND fill your body with probiotics and other healthy vitamins! Not only is yogurt good for your heart, but it is also great for weight loss. The next time you are craving something sweet, having a bowl of yogurt (choose low fat options) could be just the thing to satisfy the gnawing hole in your stomach. Need something sweeter? Add any berry, pineapple, banana or other favourite fruit to give it that natural fruit sweetness!



Healthy Popcorn - Heart Healthy SnackHealthy Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack that you can eat when trying to achieve your healthy and wellness goals! Of course, the popcorn from the movie theatres or from a bag probably isn’t the healthiest option, but there are ways to get around that. When you pop your own popcorn at home, there are various toppings you can use that will avoid the cholesterol-rising-butter, and the blood-pressure-boosting-salt. Instead, take a look at TheWholeTara.com’s awesome popcorn topping alternatives! One is green, one is cheesy, and the other is caramel-sweet – guaranteed you will love all three!



Use these awesome, heart-healthy snacks to improve your own health and work towards the goals you set at the beginning of the year. By setting yourself up for success early on, you can keep it up for the months to come! Happy snacking!