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Heartwarming Charity – Children’s Heart Network

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Heartwarming Charity – Children’s Heart Network

Heart month is here once again and we are thrilled to raise awareness for the heart and share the love while doing it! What better way to celebrate the month of love (and hearts) than by spreading some love of our own? One of the best ways to share the love, raise heart health awareness, and support change is to get involved with those heart-focused charities who are making a difference!


Ready to meet February’s heartwarming charity? Introducing, the Children’s Heart Network! This amazing BC organization is taking huge strides to improve the wellness of children and youth suffering with congenital heart disease and support their families. Want to know more about how they are making a difference and sharing the love? Take a look at what the Children’s Heart Network is up to and how you can get involved too!


About this Charity:

“[We are] working together throughout BC to educate, support, and enhance the lives of children, youth, and families living with congenital heart disease.”

 – Children’s Heart Network


As stated on their website, “One baby out of every 100 is born with heart disease.” In a year for the province of British Columbia, the Children’s Heart Network recognizes that 500 families will have a child with congenital heart disease, and 250 will require medical attention. This heartwarming organization understands the difficulty of these situations and is doing all they can to ensure that these children get the attention they need. As well, they understand the stresses and worries that parents undergo during these young years and work to offer support and guidance to them as well. The organization is here to make sure that “no family [will] embark on this journey alone.” Take a look at what else this wonderful organization is doing to support those suffering with CHD and their families:

  • Support

    “[We] believe families are the best support for other families.” With the hardship that comes along with CHD, also comes the need to be supported. The Children’s Heart Network recognizes this need and offers help to parents through direct parent-to-parent support with the guidance of a trained individual who will provide “support, advice, and information.” Other assistance opportunities include parent coffee groups, youth coffee groups, resource parent guidance, and more.

  • Connect

    When managing CHD, it is important to have supportive people in your life who will cheer you on and aid when needed. The Children’s Heart Network works to connect families and children through the organization and hosts various events throughout the year. These events include social events, summer camps, Hearts of Gold Youth Program, Heart Beats Family events, and other monthly events for the kids and adults to participate in!


  • Inform

    The general public is not always aware of the effects and struggles had by those living with congenital heart disease. Not only does it affect the children but also the families and friends who are standing by their sides. The Children’s Heart Network aims to inform the public about this disease and ensure that both parents and professionals have the information necessary to understand CHD, the research, updates, and recent developments in the medical field. To inform these individuals, the organization hosts biannual conferences, shares newsletters, provides access to various resources, and offers workshops.


How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the Children’s Heart Network organization through the following:

  • Join the cause online with a membership
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Organize a fundraiser/event
  • Become a ‘Heart Hero’


Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Children’s Heart Network is creating a place where people can be supported and encouraged in the difficult times when CHD is requiring medical attention. This charity is heartwarming because:

  • By providing families and children with support and assistance, they have the opportunity to reduce the stressors experienced, offer guidance in tough situations, and provide resources and help whenever it is needed.
    • When time is taken to alleviate the stress of families and improve the wellbeing of children with CHD, we are making sure that all hearts involved are cared for. Stress levels are reduced, options are made available, and support is offered to create a comforting approach that will reduce negative impacts and therefore improve heart health!

It is charities like Children’s Heart Network that are truly making a difference in the lives of children living with CHD and their families. With their help, people are feeling heard, understood, are not left alone, and are aided throughout the process!



It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Children’s Heart Network for everything they do to share the love with families in BC during heart month and every other month in the year!