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Heartwarming Charity – Cardiac Fitness Association

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Heartwarming Charity – Cardiac Fitness Association 

For those who have suffered or experienced a heart-related emergency such as heart attack or cardiac arrest, transitioning back into a normal routine can be a difficult and stressful time. These heart survivors are often unsure how to reintroduce exercise into their lives, and experience the fear of having a second event. How can we these help these individuals? 

Cardiac Fitness Association offers support via kindness, patience, and guidance. Through their cardiac rehabilitation programs, support, and direction, those overcoming a cardiac event are better able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while returning to a normal routine. Want to see what this amazing heartwarming charity is all about? Take a look at what the Cardiac Fitness Association is up to and how they are helping Canadian hearts!


About this Charity:


“The Cardiac Fitness Association has helped create one of the most progressive, up to date cardiac rehabilitation clinics in the world. The facilities, technology, equipment and techniques are second to none.”

– Cardiac Fitness Association


Located in Breslau, Ontario, the Cardiac Fitness Association (CFA) is one of the leading cardiac rehabilitation clinics in the world. The organization began in September of 1980 by a group of patients who were undergoing cardiac rehabilitation with the assistance of Dr. John P. Schaman – the director at the Ontario Aerobics Centre. The group identified the struggles that their clients were going through and saw that further guidance and support was needed. Take a look at how this wonderful organization helps those who are overcoming cardiac events: 

  • Support
    This organization is all about exercise, and as stated on their website, “You decide how much exercise you get!” The charity aims to support heart survivors by providing facilities with equipment for members that will ensure an “effective and safe” exercise program. Members also receive guidance and counseling regarding their exercises and the risk factors they may face, providing each person with modifications and getting them in touch with the proper professionals in various fields. Through donations, the Cardiac Fitness Association also provides members with activities and programs, as well as research and “further program development as deemed appropriate by the directors.” 

    The goal: Rehabilitation so survivors can live healthy and happy lives!

  • Educate
    The Cardiac Fitness Association also strives to improve the education of those who have experienced heart emergencies by providing them with educational materials to guide them in their fitness. These materials include printed works, films, audiovisual aids to those within the membership as well as “other cardiac patients or interested individuals.” 

How to Get Involved:

You can get involved with the Cardiac Fitness Association (CFA) through the following:


  • Donate
  • Sign up for the CFA Newsletter to stay in-the-know
  • Participate in the ‘Walk of Life 2020’ (In May for Toronto, and June for Breslau)
  • Follow them on social media to learn heart-healthy tips and recipes



Why This Charity is Heartwarming:

The Cardiac Fitness Association is creating a solution for heart survivors is they can be supported and encouraged in their journey to exercise and regain a healthy lifestyle. This charity is heartwarming because:



  • By providing cardiac patients with support, guidance, and rehabilitation solutions, they can integrate back into normal routines without the stress or worry of another event. 


    • With professional assistance and help, cardiac patients can feel confident that exercising, eating healthy, and overcoming an event is possible! The more they can create and maintain a healthy life, the better their hearts will be moving forwards! 

It is charities like the Cardiac Fitness Association that are truly making a difference in the lives of Canadians. With their help, individuals are getting access to cardiac rehabilitation that is required to help them continue living long and heart-happy lives.


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support Cardiac Fitness Association for everything they do to support Canadians when life doesn’t always go as planned!