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AED’s in the Hospitality Industry: Why, Who Where

AED's in the Hospitality Industry- Why, Who Where

AED’s in the Hospitality Industry: Why, Who Where

“Travel and tourism now accounts for a staggering 10.2 percent of global GDP” (Deloitte). The hospitality industry is overflowing with people and is in a constant state of busyness with millions of people walking in and out of their doors. But how do you prepare for so many people? How do you protect them in an emergency? 

Wondering why all businesses in the hospitality industry need to have AEDs onsite? Here is why they make a difference, who needs one, and where they should be stored in order to best care for customers!


Why Should Hospitality Industry Have AEDsWhy does the Hospitality Industry Need AEDs?

The likelihood of a cardiac event occurring when large groups of people gather, increases dramatically. According to the American Heart Association, “More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital each year” and “18.8 percent of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCA) occurs at public settings.” With these statistics in mind, it only makes sense that hospitality locations such as hotels, museums, restaurants, and other popular tourist hotspots should have an AED at the ready. ANYONE of any age, health, or gender can experience a cardiac arrest without a moment’s notice. Not convinced? Think of the number of people who pass in and out of a local zoo, for example, each day. How many of those people have heart disease? How many of those people are healthy? How many of those people are at risk for experiencing a cardiac arrest? According to Canada.ca:

“About 1 in every 12 Canadian adults age 20+ live with diagnosed heart disease”

“Every hour 12 Canadian adults age 20+ with diagnosed heart disease die”

“Men are 2x more likely to suffer a heart attack than women”

Compare these statistics against the extraordinary number of people you have entering each hospitality location it becomes more clear how important the use of an AED is!


Who Should Have an AED?

When it comes to the hospitality industry, the TOP priority is the SAFETY of customers, staff, and clientele! So, which hospitality services and businesses should have an AED?Who Should Have an AED - Hospitality Industry

  • Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts, and Lodges
  • Tourism Centers
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Event and Sport Venues
  • Tourism Spots – Municipal, Provincial, National, or Global
  • Arts and Cultural Museums
  • Gyms, Recreation Centers, Spas, Fitness Services and Sports Facilities
  • Airports and Transportation Locations


Where Should You Store AED - Hospitality IndustryWhere Should You Store an AED?

AEDs need to be easily accessible. This means that if your AED is stored in a staff room under lock and key to keep it out of the way of the guests, then it will not be available to save a life at a moment’s notice. An AED needs to be stored in a large open public space (such as a hotel lobby, customer service centre, etc.) so that it can be quickly retrieved and brought to someone experiencing a cardiac emergency.

Every minute without the attention of an AED will decrease the survival rates from 7-10%.

Ask yourself: Where is a place most people are congregated? What is the most popular place in the building? Where could an AED be spotted quickly? How long would the AED take to bring to the farthest corner of your location (if it is more than 60 seconds you will need more than 1)? Knowing the answer to these questions (and using the assistance of recognizable AED cabinets and signage) will help to identify WHERE the AED should be placed. You might suddenly realize that having one AED is not enough! If this is the case, purchase multiple AEDs – it is recommended to have an AED for every floor of your building – so that wherever an emergency occurs, help is close at hand.


Rent an AED - Hospitality IndustryRenting an AED for the Short Term

Are you in a location that only has gatherings of people every now and then? Still trying to decide which AED to purchase and need some more time to decide? Then RENT an AED for your event and gatherings! At First Edition, you have the option to rent one of our Philips Heartstart AEDs equipped with all the accessories necessary to save a life. This is a great alternative solution if your location does not yet have a defibrillator, and will also ensure your guests of every age can be comforted knowing that their safety is your top priority!

To rent an AED, head to our AED Rental webpage, fill out the form with your request date and book the life-saving device for your event!


Do you work in the hospitality industry? Is your location missing the essential presence of an AED? Speak to your manager or supervisor, and discuss just how big of a difference this life-saving device can make. Together, let’s create a safer world where accidents and emergencies can be handled quickly and with care!