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Why You Need an AED for Your Next RV Trip

Why You Need an AED for Your Next RV Trip

The RVs are coming! The RVs are coming!!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of hauling your food, bed, bathroom, and even the kitchen sink all in one convenient mobile home and exploring the great outdoors! Although the camping season may be postponed for the time being, there is nothing stopping you from getting excited and prepping for the ultimate RV trip for when the campgrounds and RV parks do open their doors. 

Are you organized? Do you have enough chopped wood stocked up? Is the first aid kit is packed? Have you double-checked that you had the proper cables and roadside safety gear? Are you prepared for the TRULY unexpected? Have you prepared for cardiac arrest? If your vehicle does not yet have an AED, here is why you need to consider bringing one along for your next RV trip!


Why Prepare for Cardiac Arrest while Camping?

While your mobile home travels the expanse of the world beyond, you are encountering hundreds of people on the road each and every hour. Passing cars, hitchhikers, small towns, and public rest stops – there is a never-ending stream of people you come into contact with! It was found by BucarsRV in Calgary that “33% of Canadians have been camping their entire lives” and a total of “50% of camping households intend to take more camping trips next year.” With so many people heading out into the mountains and exploring the coastlines, YOU have the potential to prepare should things take a turn for the worse.


Simply having an AED nearby can DOUBLE the chances of survival!
FRx AED Be Prepared - RV Trip

The same way we pack along a first aid kit for accidents and emergencies, a Philips Inhome AED is a device that prepares against cardiac death. By having a defibrillator, you can jump into action should a cardiac arrest occur during your RV trip.

  • A car on the highway is pulled over because the passenger is having a heart attack, which quickly turns into cardiac arrest.
  • Your RV passenger with heart disease collapses to cardiac arrest.
  • A fellow camper has an allergic reaction which turns into anaphylaxis and leads to cardiac arrest. 

Cardiac arrest is unexpected and can happen quickly and when out traveling, having an AED nearby is especially important when help is far away. So, are you prepared for the unexpected?


Who is at Risk - RV TripWho is At Risk of Cardiac Arrest?

It is found that the risk of experiencing heart-related emergencies increases with age and is more common with males. Did you also know that the average RV owner falls between the age group of 38-55 in the US and is more likely to be male (CondorFerries)? That means that the target group of RV owners have a higher risk of experiencing a cardiac event.

But what if you and your RV trip partner-in-crime are healthy, happy, and have no signs of heart problems? Why you should bother bringing along an AED? Although the majority of RV owners are at a slightly higher risk for cardiac arrest, ANYONE can experience one. No matter what their age, gender, or level of health, cardiac events can occur to anyone, at any time, in any place. Not worried about the risk? You can still prepare to help someone else in need, as RV parks are full of people of all ages. Should someone collapse due to cardiac arrest, YOU will be the one who has what is needed to save a life – an AED!


What Type of AED is Best for RV Trips?

Your mobile home of comfort and convenience is always on the move. But with less teardown and set up to do, thanks to the beautiful RV, the AED you need is one that can stay put and be easily accessible! It is those who enjoy the more relaxed camping experience who should pack along the Philips Heartstart InHome AED! This super compact AED has features that include step-by-step guidance, instructions that adapt with your pace, faster shocks (compared to other AED brands), and offers personalized therapy for each patient. The InHome AED has all that is needed to jump into action and assist in a cardiac arrest emergency. Each Ready Pack includes:OnSite AED - RV Trips

  • Heartstart OnSite Defibrillator
  • 1 pre-installed battery
  • 1 pre-installed SMART pads cartridge
  • Slim Carrying Case
  • Free set up guide, maintenance booklet, reference guide
  • 8-year manufacturer’s warranty (unused)

On the other hand, if you are the type of camper who likes to set up camp in the backcountry, fill up the daypack with snacks and water and explore the woods and climb a mountain, you’ll need something as rugged as you are! For those seeking a more ‘middle of nowhere’ camping experience, you need to ensure that the AED your bring is able to withstand the bumps and jolts of your activities! That is why the more rugged Philips Heartstart FRx AED is best for you! This durable and easy-to-use AED can handle any adventure! Within the FRx Ready Package, you will receive everything necessary to attend to a cardiac arrest quickly and effectively. Each Ready Pack includes:

FRx AED - RV Trip

  • Heartstart FRx Defibrillator
  • 1 pre-installed battery
  • 1 pre-installed SMART pads cartridge
  • Standard Carrying Case
  • 1 EXTRA set of adult SMART pads
  • Free set up guide, maintenance booklet, reference guide
  • 8-year manufacturer’s warranty (unused)

Bring the best AED along wherever your RV trips and camping expeditions lead you, and be confident that you have prepared for everything!



Ready to hit the road feeling prepared? Order an AED for your next RV trip and know that you have done everything possible to protect the hearts of those in your RV and those around you!

Happy camping!