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Heartwarming Charities for Supporting Health Care Professionals

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Heartwarming Charities for Supporting Health Care Professionals

In the current uncertainty of our world, we truly see who the everyday heroes are. And who is more heroic than the many health care professionals who put their wellness and safety on the line to ensure the health and safety of others?! These individuals are working extremely long hours, doing everything possible to make sure people get the right treatment, and striving to help us overcome sickness.

This month we wanted to feature heartwarming charities and organizations that were working hard to help the public, and offer ways YOU can support the front-line workers who are doing all they can to help during the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look at these amazing heartwarming charities and reach out to support these wonderful people!


STARS - Health Care ProfessionalsSTARS Air Ambulance

Located in Calgary, Alberta, STARS Air Ambulance is a charitable organization who takes their help and support to the skies! The goal of this organization is to ensure that those in need receive the help required as quickly and as fast as possible. With the use of the air ambulance helicopter, STARS is able to reach patients in rural communities and remote work areas and bring them to hospitals swiftly, while treating them on the way. 


STARS is continuing to provide transport and assistance to those in need during this time, following updated protocols and training to ensure the safety of the workers as well as those requiring assistance.

Want to support STARS with their COVID-19 response? Help them raise their $250,000 goal by donating to the cause on their main website or through the campaign page at CanadaHelps.org!


HSC foundation - Health Care ProfessionalsHealth Sciences Foundation

Specializing in the treatment and support of “trauma, neurosurgery, burn, transplant, and psychiatric help,” the Health Sciences Foundation is making a huge impact for patient care in Manitoba! Through the collection of donations, the organization aims to further improve Manitoba facilities and the overall care of patients at their shared health facility (also known as Manitoba’s flagship hospital). The Health Sciences Foundation has been, and is currently, working to achieve great strides in funding research, improving education, and advancing technology.


The Health Sciences Foundation has launched a COVID-19 Response Fund to assist and raise money to help “fund the frontline needs of Manitoba’s largest hospital during the pandemic.” 

If you would like to support this amazing cause, you can donate on their website!


BC Womens Health - Health Care ProfessionalsBC Women’s Health Foundation 

Known as BC’s largest non-profit to support the full spectrum of women’s health, the BC Women’s Health Foundation is ensuring that women are receiving the quality healthcare they truly need. The organization collects donations that go towards investing in facilities, equipment, and programs, as well as encouraging research and innovation. The foundation also is improving the education of women and their health by offering education and awareness opportunities that will help to expand the knowledge of the healthcare system to women in BC.


The BC Women’s Health Foundation has currently created two COVID-19 Response Funds in attempts to respond and assist women of the BC Women’s Hospital staff, as well as those within the communities. 

To learn more and donate, head to their COVID-19 web page!


Stollery Childrens Hosptial Foundation - Health Care ProfessionalsStollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

During times of crisis, it is families that often require assistance to support not only the parents but also the children. The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation understands that the “health, safety, and peace of mind are most important” and is raising awareness and funds to help families across Alberta when they require urgent or specialized care for their children. The mission of this organization is to “rais[e] money in support of the pursuit of excellence in children’s health care, educat[e] communities about the Hospital’s needs; and [thank] our donors by sharing with them the impact of their gifts.”


With the COVID-19 crisis, the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is seeking donations to help those medical professionals on the front line at the hospital that are caring our children and their families. 

To donate to this foundation and support children in need, head to their donation page!


It all comes back to the heart, and that is why we support these Canadian charities and organizations who are doing everything they can to help the public as well as lend a hand to the amazing health care professionals! Thank you to all of those workers who are providing us with health solutions and keeping us safe. Your work does not go unnoticed!