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Heart Healthy Recipes that Dad Will Love for Father’s Day!

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Heart Healthy Recipes that Dad Will Love for Father’s Day!

The day of celebrating dad has arrived! And what could he appreciate more than a beautiful home-cooked meal that he can savour while sitting back and being doted upon! But instead of serving something greasy or fattening (even though he may be asking for it…), why not take this opportunity to share with dad some recipes that will not only taste great, but keep his heart healthy too (that’s love!)! Our dads work hard for us, they love us, and are always there to support us. So why not support him and his wellness by making a meal he will appreciate? Take a look at some of these amazing heart-healthy recipes that are perfect for Father’s Day!


Healthy BBQ Sauce - Heart Healthy RecipesHealthy BBQ Sauce

Looking to cook up some meat on the grill this Father’s Day? Or are burgers on the menu for dad? Whatever you are planning on grilling, there is nothing better than a homemade, delicious BBQ sauce! Instead of purchasing a sauce that comes pre-packaged in a bottle (with high amounts of sodium, sugar, and preservatives), venture to make your own heart-healthy version! Take a look at this incredible Healthy BBQ Sauce from HungryHealthyHappy.com that uses only the freshest and heart-healthiest ingredients like honey, onions, and garlic, to add flavour to your meat. It can even be turned into a vegan sauce, should dad prefer it that way!


Grilled Pineapple Chicken - Heart Healthy RecipesGrilled Pineapple Chicken

What could be better than a refreshing and mouth-watering recipe that includes the barbecue and freshly cut pineapple? The answer: nothing! If you are looking for something beyond beef, we highly recommend this Paleo and Whole 30 recipe using summer heart-healthy ingredients like pineapple (which is filled with antioxidants that can work to reduce heart disease and keep the body healthy!), as well as a refreshing marinade that uses coconut flavours and other spices that give each bite a little kick. Try this quick recipe he will love from RealSimpleGood.com that can be completed in under an hour!


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus - Heart Healthy RecipesBacon Wrapped Asparagus

What does dad want this Father’s Day? BACON! But not just the greasy bacon sizzled in fat with sugary coatings. Bacon that is wrapped around a heart-loving stalk of asparagus! Eating this stalky green vegetable has been found to decrease the likelihood of developing heart disease due to the fiber and antioxidants found within. In addition to this, ensure you buy bacon that is low in sodium and gluten-free (or try alternative meat bacon solutions like turkey bacon or vegetarian bacon!), and then follow along with WellPlated.com’s recipe to make a side dish that will be gobbled up in no time!


Vegan Chocolate Pie - Heart health Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Pie

The meal is complete, but now it’s time for dessert! If you are struggling to decide what to make dad that will satisfy his sweet-tooth while ensuring it isn’t overloaded with carbs and sugar, there is a solution! Introducing JoyFoodSunshine.com’s Vegan Chocolate Pie. This easy, no-bake recipe has enough of the sweet-factor to appease the cravings and uses healthy replacement ingredients such as dates, honey, and almond milk. With this dessert, you will capture those chocolatey flavours while promoting a healthier diet. Don’t tell dad what’s in it until the end when he has licked his plate clean, and see if he could tell the difference!



Make the meal, sides, and dessert that dad will adore this Father’s Day while also promoting a healthy blood-pumper so he can live a long and heart-happy life! What better way to show him you love him?




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