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Heartwarming Charities – Canadian Edition: Heart Charities!

Heartwarming Charity Blog

Heartwarming Charities – Canadian Edition: Heart Charities!

Let’s celebrate Canada on Canada Day for what really matters – The HEARTS of Canadians! First Edition First Aid Training is proud to be a Canadian company and has had the honor of providing Canadians with safety and first aid solutions and products for over 16 years! What we love about this country are the many amazing organizations that are striving to help those in need, particularly when it comes to heart health! If you are looking for a way to support your fellow Canadians, take a look at some of these amazing heart-focused organizations that are doing some momentous things to boost the health of people across the country!


Childrens Heart NetworkChildren’s Heart Network

Working alongside families in British Columbia, the Children’s Heart Network is striving to support, connect, and inform those who have children with congenital heart disease. It can be a stressful situation to know that your child has heart disease and that they will require medical attention at some point in their life, so the Children’s Heart Network was created to support families. Offering parent-to-parent support and guidance, support group access, resources, annual events, and continuous information, the organization is making a difference in these families’ lives by reducing their stress and getting them the support and information they need to help their child!

Want to get involved with the Children’s Heart Network? You can volunteer, donate, or participate in their events! For more information check out their website!


Healthy Hearts RehabilitationHealthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Started in 1996, the Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Goderich, Ontario has been working to “provide people with heart disease a comprehensive, medically supervised, individualized exercise-based rehabilitation program to improve their functional capacity and reduce the level of risk associated with their disease.” This organization has ‘quality of life’ at the forefront of their minds and is offering heart-healthy solutions to those who have experienced events such as angina, heart attack, coronary artery angioplasty, and coronary artery bypass surgery. Through their membership, individuals can join to improve their heart health, participate in classes, meet other people, and improve their overall health and wellness!

Learn how you can get involved in their events or donate to this great Canadian charity on their website!


Cardiac Fitness AssociationCardiac Fitness Association

Once someone has experienced a cardiac event, it can be difficult to know how to integrate back into a normal and healthy lifestyle. Do they exercise? Should they return to their routine as usual? That is what the Cardiac Fitness Association is here to help with! Based in Breslau, Ontario, this organization is a leading rehabilitation clinic helping support and educate cardiac patients into finding their way back to normalcy. The association provides facilities and equipment for rehabilitation and has a team of professionals from various industries to stand by a patient’s side to guide them to an improved sense of healthy living!

If you would like to assist in this rehabilitation process, you can by donating, signing up for the newsletter, and participating in events. Find out more on the Cardiac Fitness Association website!


CCS_academyCanadian Cardiovascular Society Academy

Created in 2000, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Academy was made to work side by side with the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) in providing assistance for the cardiovascular industry. The purpose of the academy was to “support education, research, scholarships and bursaries for medical students and prospective cardiovascular specialists.” With this goal in mind, the academy has provided support for medical students going into the cardiovascular field and assisted them in their journey so they can help others and make a difference later on. As stated on the Canadian Cardiovascular Society website, their mission is to ensure that they can “advance heart health for all!” The more people that can be helped, the healthier that Canadian hearts will be in the years to come!

Want to become a member of the CCS or learn more about what they are doing to make an impact? Head to their website!


Check out all of the wonderful things that each of these Canadian charities is doing to improve the health and wellness of people, young and old, across the country and support them in their journey! We love these organizations for everything they do and that is why First Edition supports these heartwarming charities – because it all comes back to the heart! 


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