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What Comes with an AED? – AED Accessories

Various types of AEDs and cases

What Comes with an AED – AED Accessories 

When it comes to saving a life with an AED, everything you require should be in one simple, convenient location. Of course, you need your AED itself, but what AED accessories do you actually need to be able to save a life? Are there accessories that make using an AED more effective? Is there a better way to store everything so it can be easily grabbed in an emergency? Here is everything that is included with an AED package, and optional AED accessories that can make the life-saving experience safer!


The AED - AED AccessoriesThe AED – Included

As you may have guessed, when purchasing an AED, the main item in your package is the AED itself. Each of the defibrillators offered by First Edition First Aid Training Inc. are of the Philips Heartstart models. Our company chose to sell this AED brand because compared with all other AED brands, it was the best. It was the safest, fastest, easiest to use, and most effective in cardiac emergencies. Of the Philips Heartstart models, there are three different types available – these include:


AED pads - AED accessoriesAED Pads (And Extra Set!) – Included

Every Philips AED purchased comes with a set of AED Adult SMART Pads pre-installed directly in the AED. Some packages have an EXTRA set included your purchase – such as the Onsite and FRX ‘Ready Configuration’ packages, and the Onsite and FRX complete packages. AED pads do expire and will need to be replaced, and they can only be used once. It is for this reason that you have the extra set of pads to ensure that you have another set ready to go for any unexpected emergencies!


AED battery - AED accessoriesAED Battery (And Extra!) – Included 

In order for your AED to work, you will need the AED battery. Each AED comes with a lithium-magnese dioxide battery pre-installed into the AED (so it will be ready for immediate use!). As well, an additional back-up/replacement battery may also be included in the package (such as the Onsite and FRX ‘Ready Configuration’ packages and the Onsite and FRX complete packages). This is to ensure that when your battery is nearing expiry (which will result in your AED chirping!), you have one on hand to replace it with right away. These batteries have a shelf-life of 5 years and an installed life of 4 years (or capable of 200 shocks) – an essential AED accessory!


FRK - AED AccessoriesFast Response Kit (FRK) – Included

In a cardiac arrest emergency, you need to act FAST! Every minute wasted trying to remove tight clothing or looking for a way to protect yourself and find a barrier device can reduce the chances of survival by 7-10%, moments that could lead to brain damage or death. Every AED comes with scissors, but the Onsite and FRX ‘Ready Configuration’ packages and the Onsite and FRX complete packages come with a full Fast Response Kit so that you can use every second to your advantage! In this kit you receive:

  • 2 pairs of hypoallergenic nitrile gloves
  • Pocket breathing mask
  • Paramedic scissors
  • Chest hair razor
  • Large extra-absorbent paper towel
  • Pouch (that fits all items above)

All of these items either protect you during the emergency or making patient care more efficient!


AED Carrying Case - AED accessoriesAED Standard Carrying Case – Included

The most convenient way to bring an AED to the scene of the emergency is to have everything stored in a single case – AED unit, pads, battery, and Fast Response Kit. The best way to do this is through the use of the included standard carrying case! This soft-shelled zipper case is perfectly sized to store your AED with pre-installed battery and pads and has a handy loop on the side where your fast response kit pouch can be clipped. This soft-shelled case will keep your AED secured, safe from bumps, and make it easy to grab!


Child AED Pads - AED AccessoriesInfant/Child AED Pads – Optional 

Suppose young children or infants frequent your location (ex. daycare, public mall, family restaurant, etc.). In that case, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you invest in Infant/Child AED Pads. Why do young children need separate pads? Children under the age of 8 or weighing less than 55lbs, the shock given by the adult pads may be too strong. Pediatric AED pads, on the other hand, notify the defibrillator to reduce the shock from 150 to 50 Joules. This ensures that the child receives an adequate shock to save their life, but not too strong to cause them harm.


AED Cabinets - AED AccessoriesAED Cabinet – Optional

Each AED purchased comes with a soft kit to protect your AED, but this does not necessarily work to create a place where the AED can be stored and quickly found. AED cabinets ensure that the AED can be easily accessed by staff or the public in an emergency. There are various types of cabinets and storage units available. These include:

Each design offers its own benefits. The Alarmed AED Wall cabinet and the Heart-shaped Alarmed cabinet are large enough to store additional AED accessories and sound the alarm during an emergency, while the Acrylic Wall Mounts and Metal Wall Brackets simply give the AED a place to be stored.


AED Wal Sign - AED AccessoriesAED Wall Sign – Optional

One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself when installing your AED is ‘where will it be seen?’ Time is of the essence when it comes to a cardiac emergency, and your AED needs to be located and retrieved with ease. One of the best ways to identify your AED’s location is through the use of wall signs! These are installed above the AED as well as at the end of hallways to direct people towards it.



Now that you know what is included in each AED package, you can determine what AED accessories you need to improve the safety and preparedness of your friends, family, staff, and customers. Be safe, be prepared, and be ready for heart emergencies everywhere!

Want to add more AED accessories to your AED package? Use the ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ feature on our website to customize the AED package that will work best for your location!


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