AED Facts - What you need to know

AED Facts – Did You Know?

AED Facts – … Did You Know?   Despite the Canadian government and many public organizations adopting AED’s into their safety plans, many people still do not know what they are or how important they are in every day life. This is a problem for many reasons given that AED’s and general AED facts can help…

Youth Rider Sponsorship Update

Hip Hip Yee-Haw! We are so very excited to announce that Taylor competed last weekend at Rocky Mountain Winter Series in the 2’6″ Hunters. Her placings were 4 – 5th places and one 7th place. The relationship between her and her horse is coming along great and it is easy to see that they are becoming…

Youth Horse Rider Sponsorship

We are so very excited to see how Taylor does in her show season. We have sponsored her with a vest, hoodie pants saddle pad and stall blanket in the hope that she is fully equipped and ready to take home a medal, or at the very least some amazing memories.   Good luck sweetie!!!