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All in the Family – Teaching Your Kids to Eat Healthier and Live a More Active Lifestyle

family outing in the moutains
Leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious foods and being active, is typically a learned behaviour. When it comes to parenting, it isn’t enough to tell your kids to adopt healthy eating habits and lead a healthy lifestyle when you yourself are not doing the same. What’s the saying? You must practice what you...

Can Pets Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease?

women sitting with dog near water
Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada, next to cancer. Some individuals are born with congenital heart disease, while others develop heart disease due to poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics and other unknown factors. For those not genetically pre-disposed, heart disease prevention is possible by making positive lifestyle changes, including...

Drinking Alcohol and Heart Health – Are They Connected?

raising glasses to cheer
We’ve all heard the claims that drinking a little alcohol each day is beneficial to your health. But is there truth in that statement? According to John Hopkins Medicine, some studies support the idea that moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk of dying from heart disease. However, on the flip side, drinking excessively can contribute...

The Holiday Heart Attack – Tips to Maintaining Healthy Habits Over the Holiday Season

Christmas dinner table
The festive season is a time for friends, family and spreading joy and holiday cheer! We begin to see holiday parties ramp up, which also means copious amounts of food and drink. But the festive season isn’t just about eating and celebrating, it’s also about the cold winter weather! Winter, not to mention holiday stress,...
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