Calling all health and safety companies AND individuals who want to earn additional income!

We are seeking partners to help us equip Canada with lifesaving devices (Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s)) and earn a commission!

We can’t stress enough just how important it is to offer quality safety solutions in the workplace and to the public, but we can’t do it all! Public safety is too important to work towards on our own – we want to get their faster – so we have created a referral program that pays.

Our new partnership program will give you an additional revenue source and increased market share with every AED sold. It is the perfect opportunity to make money while doing your part to save the lives of fellow Canadian’s.

It’s free to sign up and never costs you a dime throughout the entire partnership process. We pay YOU for sales and referrals.

AED for the Office

For Companies

Do you currently sell health and safety supplies? Are you interested in adding a new profitable product to your offerings to really round out your position in the market? If you believe Philips’ industry-leading AED’s would complement your current health and safety product catalogue, WE WANT YOU as a channel partner!

For Individuals

Are you a first aid instructor and/or health and safety professional passionate about first aid and the safety of the public? Are you looking for a value-add for your first aid clients, or passive income with a profitable reputation? If have an audience of groups, companies, teams, or individuals needing AED’s WE WANT YOU as a referral partner!

Why Be a First Edition Distributor:

  • Philips is a great product to represent. It is the best on the market and will elevate your own brand.
  • There is no need to stock equipment, we take care of that for you. You can manage your inventory online and we hold it at our facility.
  • First Edition’s distribution website login allows you to order for yourself or your clients whenever is convenient for you – with your discount.
  • First Edition can drop ship directly to your client, using your packing slip or our own generic one. Thos saves you the hassle and set up of shipping and handling.
  • You receive the same volume discount offered by Philips.

Here’s how it works:

Our current partners work with us in one of two ways.

(1) Some of our distributors prefer to sell to their clients directly and under their own brand, so we offer them the option to purchase wholesale at an amazing discount and stock their own shelves (also with the option for us to white-label drop ship and not need to store product in their own warehouse). (2) Other’s simply order on behalf of their clients, we charge and ship to their clients directly, and we pay them at the end of each month for the commission of each order.


Here’s a visual breakdown:

  1. Buy the AED directly from First Edition at a 15% discount to sell to your clients directly, marking up the 15% for your profit (averaging $300 commission per AED).
flowchart for selling an AED

2. First Edition bills your clients directly from the order (so you avoid any upfront costs), and get a 15% commission check on all sales at the end of each month.

AED referral flowchart

3. There’s one last option and that is just to refer potential customers to us – no sales necessary. For a referral that purchases we pay $100 per AED sold. You don’t need to do any selling, you don’t need to order, and we take the customer in as one of our own. Referrals are paid at the end of each month.


Of course, we provide training and information on all products if you decided to partner with us!

As a referral/channel partner you will get your own website login to access:

  • Product information and product images to add to your own online store (Companies)
  • An affiliate link to share with your clients so all sales are tracked back to you (Individuals)
  • Professionally designed Co-branded marketing materials
  • Social Media Post Kit to promote on your own channels easily
  • Your sales information! So you can track your orders

Through this partnership, we have the potential to create a safer Canada faster, where AED’s are readily accessible and ready to assist in times of heart emergencies with the leading defibrillator on the market.

Interested in becoming a partner of First Edition and making money while making your city safer? Use the appropriate form below to get started!