HeartStart FR3 PACKAGE with Text only

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  • HeartStart FR3 Text only, 1 Battery, 1 Smart Pads III, semi rigid case
  • PLUS 1 FR3 Data Card
  • PLUS 1 FR3 FRK (Fast Response Kit)
  • PLUS 1 extra battery
  • PLUS 1 extra SMART Pads III
  • Includes free: Setup, operation and maintenance guide with IFA CD, user documentation, 5 yr warranty. Battery includes a 3 year warranty. Pads have 2 year warranty (unused)
  • Also includes: Red Organization file, with welcome letter, inspection tag and decal.

Philips, the leader and innovator in portable AED technology designed the HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator to be the most user friendly and reliable AED on the market. Crafted for the ordinary responder coming to the rescue in the extraordinary moment. The FR3 Defibrillator guides you through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching and adapts to your actions to give cardiac arrest victims their best possible chance.

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FR3 Primary Battery

FR3 Infant/Child Key

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